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Enso is an AudioUnit V3 plugin; it requires an AUv3 host like Cubasis, Garageband, AUM, etc. THERE IS NO STANDALONE APP; it is only a container for the AUv3.

An architecturally unique and sonically characterful looping toolkit for producers and live performers, inspired by both modern looper pedals and vintage tape-based setups, Enso combines elegant and intuitive UI design with a deep but accessible feature set and stellar sound quality.

Enso’s operation will be immediately familiar to users of hardware looper pedals or plugins such as Ableton Live’s bundled Looper. Start playback of the host DAW, hit Enso’s record button and capture your instrumental performance into a loop of whatever length you like, up to ten minutes (five minutes on iOS). Then, without stopping playback, overdub further passes to create layered grooves, complex harmonic textures, or dense, evolving soundscapes.

Beyond those basics, though, Enso takes software looping into new territory. Two Overdub modes configure the plugin for conventional looper pedal behaviour or Frippertronics-style ‘dual tape deck’ manoeuvres, affecting the handling of the Feedback parameter for an endless range of layering possibilities; and up to four Sectors can be effortlessly defined, each with its own start and end points, for on-the-fly rearrangement of the loop.

With Enso, time and motion become truly fluid, as speed and direction are handled completely independently for playback and recording, the ‘through-zero’ bipolar Speed controls smoothly transitioning from forwards to backwards, and vice versa, in real time. Want to record forwards at half speed, while simultaneously playing the buffered loop in reverse at 1.25x? Of course you do…

Onboard tape-style saturation, filtering and chorus effects bring dirt, frequency-shaping and stereo thickening to the party; and a comprehensive MIDI assignment system makes it a snap to set your MIDI pedal or button controller up for operation of all Enso’s buttons and switches. With its animated play and record heads, meanwhile, the looping waveform display provides a clean, clear visual representation of the potentially mind-bending temporal acrobatics taking place, letting you get a handle on exactly what’s happening at a glance.

Giving you everything you need for limitlessly creative looping, on stage and in the studio, Enso is one of Audio Damage’s most beautifully realized plugins yet, and an empowering addition to any musician’s arsenal of effects

What’s New

Version 1.0.10

> Minimum iOS raised to v11 for better compatibility.

> App splash screen edited to hopefully limit confusion. Now includes links to walkthrough video and manual, and explicit instructions for use.

> Many small bug fixes and improvements.

Ratings and Reviews

4.5 out of 5
4 Ratings

4 Ratings

Stardust4506 ,

Enso update adds stability that was much needed, thanks!

This app is now fantastic! I saw potential for it over a year ago, but it was not stable enough to use for my setup at that time. Running Enso in Aum, I was able to load as many instances as my iPad Pro could handle. Today, I was deliberately trying to make Enso crash, but I was able to load 6 instances of Continua each recording into 4 of Enso (24 instances of Enso total.) Previously if I loaded more than a 2-3 instances of Enso, they would all crash and I would lose everything I had recorded. Bravo Audio Damage, now this app is in my opinion, the most useful app for looping on iOS.

Enrique Raphaël Page Pérez ,

It was about time Audio Damage!

Finally an update to Enzo that fixed the one issue it had - quantization.

If you’ve owned this little beast for a while you know just how awkward it was for it not to respect quantization. I mean, sure, it’ll automatically quantize your first recording but if you’re using the “trigger button” you can pretty much say goodbye to any reliable looping unless you’re doing a spectral - granular thingy maybe.

Luckily however, the side control buttons (play rec stop and trigger (+)) DO respond to quantization as expected this time! Well, “almost” perfect.

The only issue I have with Enso’s quantization is that it is specifically tied to your quantization measure but it does not take into account the unit length multiplier.

Audio Damage PLEASE make that happen - if I have an idea that takes 4 4/4 compasses to complete a “circle” then I don’t want to be thinking about whether I’m allowed to trigger a “trigger” function or not depending on whether I’m on the last 4th part of the verse.

As of right now quantization will only allow you to make sure you start recording on a perfect measure below or equal to 1 measurement - but sometimes an idea can be longer than that, let’s consider a 4 measurements idea:

I don’t want to have to wait till the last measure of my idea to be able to trigger a “trigger” - I should be able to press the trigger button anytime before my 4 measurements end and have the recording start ONLY after my first 4 measurements happen - otherwise it’s like the length multiplier is “almost” useless (it isn’t, but it definitely needs to be taken into account when determining “when” to quantize the trigger recording start point).

Overall, probably the most modular and best looper as AUV3 - Audiokit looper is brilliant but it has a few flaws that keep me from recommending it in comparison to Enzo - that being said Audiokit looper is taking a “break” and will soon be back to updating their app - the best thing is they are quite different so if you’ve enjoy looping you might just want to get both anyway.

Good job Audio Damage, this is a well deserved updated for Enso.

Please do consider taking the measure length multiplier into account for quantization - this way enso will react far more as a looper pedal which is pretty much what most loopers out there want.

ezFish ,

Awesome. Could be used more than just looping

This is a very necessary tool for music production. It is very well designed. It’s main function is for looping but with 5 minutes of record time it could be used to quickly overdub existing recordings without having to switch apps or create projects and extra bounces in your DAW of choice. That comes in handy.

My main wish for the developer is to please make a MIDI version of this app with similar features and intuitive design. An Undo button could be very helpful if possible mainly as a failsafe for accidental clears on iOS. Thank you.


Audio Damage, Inc.
7.6 MB

Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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