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Instantly generate abstract photo collages from pictures on your phone. Save and share your creations.


Versión 2.7.2

- minor bug fixes

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4.0 de 5
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97 valoraciones

YeuxNoirs ,

I like the app a lot but

Great concept! Worth the price, but I’d really appreciate more settings. Why does the output aspect ratio have to be fixed to one super long shape? Why do the photos have to be zoomed and cropped always the same way? The output resolution is weird too, compared to original resolutions. I wish the resolution would stay the same as the original images—I’ll do my own scaling before or after. I wish you could control these things more.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Hi @YeuxNoirs Glad you like the app. More settings will be coming over the course of the year - also there is a desktop version that is in beta - if you e-mail I can add you so you can play around with the version that has 10x more settings ;)

Being able to set a size would be a great option - I have considered it in the past on mobile - but no one ever asked for it... Now that you have I'll be sure to add it in a future update.

Thanks again for the review :D

Deeashley ,

This app makes me crazy ...

... because I like it SO much, but the bugs make it almost impossible to use! At first, it was just REALLY slow, but now it freezes every time I save an edit. I can save one photo and then I have to exit the app completely and restart it, which is too much for me no matter how awesome it is. I still occasionally find myself going back, however, hoping the issue is fixed, but no luck yet. I hope the dev can fix the bugs because it’s the coolest app I’ve seen in a long time!

Update: I was really, really hoping that this last update fixed the freezing problem but I just opened the app and as soon as I saved the photo.., it froze again. 😞

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Hey @Deeashley thanks for the feedback. That sounds like a VERY nasty bug. If you have time could you please email me at the support e-mail. I'd love to be able to reproduce the issue and fix it for you :D

lumierefl ,

Slow, buggy, essential

And actually brilliant. My most used app. At least half of the results are disappointing and I have to resort to browsing Twitter while waiting for the magic to appear, but it’s all worth it — over 1000 startling keepers over the past month.

I wish it weren’t so easy to accidentally dismiss the new images when they appear, and I’d like to be able to select one photo, then let the app take over and surprise me. Fewer bugs and greater speed would also be nice. Meanwhile, I’m madly in love with the current version.

Update: dev contacted me, turns out there's an undo function that allows you to recover a dismissed image. Solves the problem I mentioned above.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Thanks for the review @lumierefl. Glad you are enjoying FotoDa.

I'm working to improve speed and fix known bugs. Not sure you noticed, but there is 1 level of undo hidden within the spiral button... there is a thumbnail that you can click to go back to the previously generated image :D

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