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Corrección de errores y mejoras de carácter general en la estabilidad

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14.8 k valoraciones

Primocoach ,

Buggy and Frustrating

This is the first app I open to check political news every day. But it is HuffPost that make me choose it first—NOT the performance of the app. No matter the number of updates, I have given up on having a pleasant experience with this app. It is always buggy; open an article and sit and wait for it to load, then wait again to move down the page. Be carful when scrolling, because there are so many links you will find it difficult to find a place to scroll from without being taken to another page because you touched a link. Oh yeah—those respond really fast, unlike the link to the article you wanted to read. Once you have touched that link mistakenly, you are in for a real treat—waiting and waiting and waiting for it to load so you can hit the “back” button and wait some more. More often than not, the back button is so unresponsive that it takes several times to get it to work, and since it has now caught up, it takes you back to the home page of the app, where you get to start all over! I generally end up giving up at that point and going somewhere else. Too bad, but since I really like HuffPost political news, I will stupidly try again later. Or maybe I will find another app that doesn’t frustrate me nearly every time I use it.

St Willys ,

I Love the Huff

The Huff Post delivers the latest news coming out of Washington and or the world. The material is well researched, truthful, and comprehensive. I wake up and the Huff is the first thing I read, then I read my local newspaper, which sadly is like snail mail to email. I love the news stories and the opinions as it gives me perspectives I never thought about. I really enjoy being connected via the Huff Post. I receive the web site quickly, and clearly. I am able too navigate the site with either a tap or a swipe. I fully recommend this site for all your latest news stories, especially when calling out all the crooked politicians. They know who they are after the Huff reports on them.

stop making me your pawn ,

Ruined a great app

Thanks for your latest version which stops updating periodically forcing me to delete and reinstall it. Since I keep skipping enabling useless alerts and refusing to subscribe to your “plus” service I wonder if this is blatantly deliberate to force going through the process of skipping alerts and paying for “plus” as a hostage tactic to be able to use the app without doing this over and over. Keep piling on these “bugs”, keep making news updates less frequent, continue to gut and scale back your newsroom sending the best people running for the exits and see where that all gets you in the end. Arianna, I hope Verizon paid you well for the privilege of tearing down your years of great work at HuffPost and dragging your name and reputation through the mud. I sincerely hope it was worth it
***Update***...Here’s a fun thing I figured out- the reason the app won’t refresh and update is because they apparently don’t like users having a vpn! Shut that off and..... magic! Works great! Conclusion, pinheads at Verizon or whatever cute name they came up with to buy HuffPost just wants to collect all your data and spy on your surfing habits

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

We’re sorry you’re having trouble using the HuffPost app, and your comment about using a VPN may shed some light on the problem. Malicious actors often use public VPN services to mask their identities when launching attacks, and when we detect such an attack we must block or limit the amount of requests the given IP address can make. Unfortunately, all users of public VPNs share the same IP address, so would be affected by this action. If your VPN service offers multiple IPs or Exit Nodes you can try changing to another one, or if you are comfortable sending us your public IP address when on VPN we can look at it specifically. Thank you for your feedback.


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