Access Git repositories on the go. Clone, edit, commit and push while allowing other apps access to repositories.

Git is a important part of our work-life and iOS can take part in this. The ability to commit even when offline has added utility on a device that moves in and out of network coverage. Cloning repositories gets you a local copy on your iOS device with commits for all branches. You can browse the content from within the app and make changes. Other applications supporting the Files app, WebDAV or x-callback-url has access to these files. Changes made can be committed and the commits can in turn be pushed back to the remote.

The idea of doing significant programming on iOS might seem far fetched when you are used to a large screen, a physical keyboard and a full IDE. But just as it turned out that not every email is serious prose, then not everything that goes on in Git is significant programming. Sometimes you just want to update a TODO file or make adjustments to your Jekyll site. Sometimes you just need to add a file the designer sent after hours. 

If you ever make reminders about small things to do with the code-base, then you should give Working Copy a try. You will spend less time moving stuff around and you will get much better commit messages when you write them for fixes that are still fresh in your mind. You won't be leaving your computer behind any time soon, but sometimes it is faster to just fix things with the device in your hand.

When you do need to perform real work on iOS, Working Copy is a powerful tool. Editor has syntax highlighting for more than 50 programming languages and a built-in color picker. Preview images, Markdown and HTML files with a Javascript console pointing to errors in your code. Create new branches and merge or rebase them back, with a brilliant merge-tool for handling conflicts.

Even if you never edit a line of code on iOS, Working Copy is a great companion for reviewing and discussing code. Repositories are cross indexed and with powerful fuzzy search you can quickly jump from a symbol to the declaration or reverse from the declaration to all usages. A graph of your commits lets you zoom out for a overview of the commit tree or zoom in for specifics about each commit, with speed and beauty you won’t find in desktop Git applications. Review the changes your files have gone through with a diff viewer that is great for text and images. There is even hex-dump mode for that obscure occasion.

Working Copy is a free download but you need to pay to unlock pro features such as the ability to push commits back to remote servers. There is no venture capital, large company or ads funding development and your support through in-app purchase directly sustains development.

What’s New

Version 3.9.2

Fix bug where the app would sometimes switch to light mode when the systemwide dark mode was enabled on iOS 13.

Fix bug where editor wouldn't properly show text when file numbers are disabled and first line is long.

Shortcuts action for Writing Repository files has option to create missing directories as needed.

Fix problem renaming files from the context menu on iOS 13.

Fix problem introduced in last update where merging a repository would sometimes not be reflected in the UI.

Additional adjustments and fixes.

Support for automation with new structured actions for the Shortcuts app on iOS 13.

These new actions support:
Checking out branches,
Committing repositories,
Getting Repository files,
Pulling repositories,
Pushing repositories,
Staging files for Commit &
Writing Repository files.

Locate these actions in the Shortcuts app on iOS 13 inside Apps > Working Copy and tap (i) for tips on how to use the actions or consult section 5.6 of the Working Copy Users' Guide.

These actions are able to take input from other actions and pass along output. You will be able to write text, photos and files into repositories or to pass files from repositotories and use these in other parts of a shortcut.

This is much nicer than using x-callback-url for automation since you don't need to worry about composing URL's or to switch between apps to transfer data. You will be able to combine capabilities of different apps in new exciting ways.

Working Copy supports the system wide dark appearance on iOS 13. Dark mode has been a Pro feature in Working Copy for a number of years. Now it will be overriding the system appearance that requires this unlock.

On iOS 13 you can tap and hold repositories, directories and files for a popup menu with relevant actions. Many of these actions are the same as the ones available by swiping cells, but you will find additional actions as this context menu has better room and isn't activted on accident like swipe actions.

Ratings and Reviews

4.9 out of 5
1.1K Ratings

1.1K Ratings

Sean D. Hunt ,

good but why have push pro only?

I find it stupid that pushing is a pro only feature. Because of that this app becomes useless after the trial forcing me back to the even more useless git2go because I cant zip up a repository that I cloned on my phone and transferred to my laptop to make changes and commited on to push it on my phone as the laptop has no internet as the wifi driver in 1803 and the latest windows insiders keeps disconnecting me. This is why I got this app to replace that trash app but with push being pro it makes this one trash too. Sorry but if you want people want to be able to use it without them being forced to buy pro or people like me who cannot get a job because of my mental stability and so I do open source to pass time. Please take this into consideration. I love the fact of gpg signing too something git2go does not have. Although I would like it if I could press some rebase button on a commit that asks me if I want to squash it into the previous commit and possibly ones after it or fixup the previous one using only the currently opened one to basically amend the one before it. Other than that keep up the good work. :wink: Even I would like to help with making this app if it itself was also open source.

Developer Response ,

I need to make push a pro feature to make the people seriously using the app pay for it. It can support the salary of one developer (me) and I work full time to improve it.

This is frustrating when it's too expensive, but the alternative would not be better for you.

I wouldn't have been able to spend much time developing a free app as it would be done after completing my paying day job and the result would not be close to the quality that Working Copy is now.

I'm working on ways to amend, squash and split commits.

cybereal ,

Far more than ever expected

Having used this client for almost as long as it has existed I have to say it's really impressive just how much effort the developer has put into it. Don't take my word for it, though. Go expand the full release notes for all previous versions and have a browse. They are usefully detailed. The tool itself works quite well and has served my purposes for a long time, but, many of the features added over time have further enhanced my workflows, and many more just motivate me to want to get more out of the app and development on iOS in general.

I started using this app originally just to have a sort of emergency direct access to my codebases so I could, in a pinch, maybe make a change on the go. At this point, though, it has become so regular in my process that it has become a must have.

If you have any sense that git access from your iOS device would be useful to you, you should get this app immediately.

Seattle Rex ,

What Can I Do For Everyone Else Always?

I'm just a little burned out on the App Store shenanigans lately. I've lost count of the number of "Pro" upgrades of purchased which are now "free" and covered with ads. I'm tired of plunking down cash for expensive programs that, months later, switch to a subscription model, taking my cash and flushing it in the process. I'm tired of paying for apps, only to find them still filled with Ads. Maybe I'm just having a bad run, but the App Store truly feels like a scammer's bazaar these days. There are pick-pockets everywhere. I don't really lump the Working Copy folks into the group ... because they at least make a quality product and seem to put real effort into it. This is why I paid for a "permanent" Pro upgrade 14 months ago. And just paid $8 again for another "permanent" Pro upgrade. Like many other things, "permanent" doesn't mean what I thought it did. I'm sure it it's worth it, and I'm glad to support them, I just feel a little burned out and a little "over-used". I bought last Christmas and it just doesn't feel that long ago to get hit up again. I feel like I get rolled like a drunken sailor every time I log into the app store these days. I really like the app though. Nice work, guys.

Developer Response ,

Hi Rex, I understand that it can feel a bit much with many apps asking you to pay again and again. The upgrade mechanism in Working Copy is made to be fully voluntary. You can delay upgrading if the added pro features are not enticing and you can decide never to upgrade and the pro features you already have will stick around forever. The app will still be updated with bug-fixes and non-pro features without you having to pay again. If you can accept a delay in when you get the latest pro features every other year you could even delay purchasing the upgrade, such that you only upgrade every 24 months keeping down the costs.


Anders Borum
89.4 MB

Requires iOS 12.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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Rated 4+
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