Fleet Battle: the classic Sea Battle featuring great graphics, super sound and lots of game modes!

Voice-over and text in English! (and many other languages)

If you are looking for an awesome battleship-style game, look no further: you found it!

The game offers everything that made the classic so popular. Defeat ship after ship and rise through the ranks - from Seaman Recruit up to Admiral of the Navy.

Pit yourself against the computer or your friends and prove you have the makings of a real Fleet Commander.


- Play with Friends: Online/WiFi
- Quick Match: 24 hours instant multiplayer
- 3D ships: collect your fleet of battleships
- Play the game in standard, classic or russian mode
- Check the options for a ton of optional stuff: real water, more soundpacks etc. etc.
- Medals: earn medals as you rise through the ranks
- Free chat (with parental control): chat with the whole world

Imagine yourself in charge of the flight deck on the aircraft carrier, a common sailor on a patrol boat, gun crewman on an agile cruiser, sonar listener on a destroyer or the captain of a deadly submarine.

Do your duty on all the ships of your grand armada, take command of the naval forces at your disposal and place your boats in the perfect formation. Destroy the enemy flotilla in a blitz of tactical prowess.

Be prepared for combat, Commander!

This app is perfect if you travel or to bring back wonderful childhood memories. Your pocket battleships are always ready to fight boredom.

Our game contains advertising. Ads are a necessary evil. We don't like using them, but without ads, we couldn't pay our salaries.

If you play often and if you like the game, consider buying "remove ads". No hidden costs. Purchase once, enjoy an ad-free game for a lifetime.

Advantages of removing ads

- Less data consumption
- Better game stability
- Less frustration
- More fun


Are you having problems with the app or have any suggestions? We'd love to hear from you!
Write us at:

What’s New

Version 2.0.76

Thank you for your feedback!
We have made the following improvements:

- local WiFi mode now much more stable (older versions will be incompatible)
- added chat translator
- Lots of bugfixes

If you like to learn more or tell us what you'd like to see, write us:
Cast off, Captain! And happy hunting!

Ratings and Reviews

4.6 out of 5
2K Ratings

2K Ratings

019997083421 ,

Don’t support this company

The game is pretty fun but the advertisements are all for an app where young girls dance around without much clothing. Not what I want my 3 and 5 year old to see when we are sitting around on the couch. Looked up what the app was to see if I was misunderstanding and it is exactly what it seems like, a video chat that encourages kids to strip for strangers. Developers of fleet battle need to get a grip on their advertisers and not help promote this haven for predators.

Response to developer:
First of all, you and I have never talked via email. This is our first interaction but the folks who grew up playing battleship are now to the parenting age so the idea that only one person would take issue with the advertisement is a little naive. If there are “thousands and thousands of ad campaigns” I would think you would be more concerned that this ad is appearing so frequently in your game and not at all in other similar games (probably good information for a developer)
Just because the ad isn’t pornographic doesn’t mean it Isn’t suggestive and inappropriate. I don’t have the name of the app but I am sure you can easily find that out if you truly don’t already know. You’re correct, I did have a responsibility too, which I took seriously. I deleted the app and warned others via a review (which I would gladly change if you are sincere and follow up with Apple)

Developer Response ,

I talked to you via email and was 100% transparent about all this. There are thousands and thousands of advertising campaigns getting generated each day via tens of different ad-networks. How should we, a 3 man company be able to check each ad-campaign? I'm also pretty sure, that the ad you saw was in no way pornographic, I mean you say yourself they had clothes on. And why is an ad showing young girls a haven for predators? That's a strange logic. Nonetheless, I copy/pasted the Email you sent us before and showed it to our ad-network, asking them to look for an ad like that and ban it. I asked you to take a screenshot and help us ban it, but instead you feel the need to damage our reputation. The chat in our game can be locked down (it's in the options), page 1 - we did this to protect children. My nephew and niece play our game, too. It was the first thing we talked about when we added a chat. We actually care about these things. But in the end, it's the parents responsibility to shut it down. Same goes for ads: why not just buy "remove ads" if you like the game? It's not as if there weren't options. You have a responsibility, too. Thank you. EDIT: A video chat that encourages kids to strip? Really? Was it an app for iOS that got advertised? Please send me the link via email. I will immediately take action. What's the apps name? Please also contact Apple. If what you say is true, this app has to be removed from the store. Not only that, Apple's review process shouldn't have allowed the app on the market in the first place. EDIT: Hello again! Since you wrote the first review, we haven't got any Email or review about inappropriate ads (and we get many Emails and reviews). As I said, I took action immediately and informed our ad-company, although all I could tell them was very vague. You might have noted that I'm concerned about our reputation, esle I wouldn't bother replying. I would inform Apple myself, if I had any idea what the app or whatever you saw was called. For that, I need your help. YOu said you looked it up, please give me information. Without information, Apple, just like us, can't do a thing. I respect your views, I really do - please accept my apologies for the ads you saw. I would undo it, if I could. But calling us "supporters of predators" makes me, and I hope you understand that, very angry. How would you feel?

Fizzoko ,

Not quite good enough for me

I was playing Battle Ship as a kid in the 60s. I played this three times and not sure how long I’ll last. The single biggest thing I want or don’t know how to find is: seeing my ships and seeing everything my opponent has done to me. I play against the computer for now so I can’t comment on how it plays against someone live. I have to tell you tho - as a kid I placed the pegs in my ships myself. I also tried to track just where my opponent was going with his shots. This is not part of the game from what I can tell. It flips to my ships boards when it’s the opponents turn real fast then is gone. Don’t like that. Not for me. Back in the day you saw two boards. Your ships and where you land on his side. Everything was called out. You inserted colored pegs your self. Maybe some of you are too young to remember that. I like knowing my ships board so I could tell what my opponent was doing and how close I was to losing. There is a piece of strategy missing in your game. And I want it. I need to toggle between two boards please.

Developer Response ,

Hello Fizzoko! First: thanks for playing our game! I am an 80ties kid and played the game with pen&paper and also with pegs, so I know what you're talking about. During gameplay, have you noted the side button with the arrow on it, on the upper right side of the screen? Tap on it. Once activated, you will see both boards, once it's the other players turn. It's not 100% what you want, but at least 50%. :-) Mobile devices suffer from limited screen size. We have to compromise here, especially since we decided to go "portrait" mode only. We might add landscape mode later on, which will enable us to show both boards on both players turns (although we might still go with our current, optional variant and add special effects instead). Have a great time!

Papayaman123 boss ,

A very good game, but still many possibilities!

I really enjoy this game. I loved playing battleship with my family and now that I can play it and actually earn things as well makes it a lot more fun. However there are a lot of possibilities with this game, and here I’ll share a few of my ideas:
1. Making a 2v2 mode. I think this would be fun because if you have a friend you can work together. Make the play area twice the size and allow each player to have his full fleet. Then one team takes one turn for each player and then the other team and so on and so forth.
2. Squads or clans or whatever you want to call them. Then you can have a squad chat and be able to talk to and suggest ideas. Also maybe have squads compete against eachother.
3. Add new skins for ships. I kind of like the outline art you guys use but I also think some solid forms would be cool too but I understand if you want to keep your specific design but even then more skins with that design
4. Different hit animations. Be able to unlock new ones like a plane bombing a ship could be one. Or a big missile. Maybe just a huge pole coming out of the ocean and stabbing it that would be weird but cool. Preferably unlockable by playing like skins and not under a pay wall.

Those are my suggestions and I know you guys are a small team so I know doing all this is hard. But so far this is a great app, keep up the great work!

Developer Response ,

Hi Papayaman123! Thanks for the review. Let me answer your questions:

1. 2vs2 mode: the game has enough downloads to support a healthy player base, but it is not one of the biggest games out there. And we don't use bots and we won't do that to our players. I tell you this, because adding new multiplayer game modes will split the player base - which isn't fun for anyone, due to longer wait times etc. What we will do though, over time, is adding new game modes that will allow players to play with optional rules via "Play with friends". But "quick match" will stay as it is for the time being. If we get lots of new players that sztay with us, we might think about adding 2vs2, but right now we would be foolish to do so.
2. Fleet Battle is very casual and we have a very broad player base with lots of older people. Many, if not most, want to play a few quick games, then stop. Adding clans or alliances may be an overkill. More complexity isn't necessarily a good thing.
3. This is on our todo list. We want to give our players the options to play with more "realistic" textures. I'm awawre of the fact that the blueprint design isn't for everyone.
4. Effects have to be added, too, I agree. There is much more we can do. We want to add a sort of "battle camera" soon, showing hits on the 3D models. It all depends on our workload though. We are 4 guys, two programmers, one artist and me. One programmer works on Fleet Battle and we currently work on a second project, so that we may have another source of income if Fleet Battle goes down for whatever reason. Time is our enemy, but the game is a labor of love and we still have big plans for it! :-)


Smuttlewerk Interactive
247.1 MB

Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese

Age Rating
In-App Purchases
  1. Remove Ads $3.99
  2. Aircraft Carrier - France $0.99
  3. Aircraft Carrier - France $2.99


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  • Family Sharing

    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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