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Kakuro, alias Cross Sums, is one of the most popular logic oriented numeric puzzle like Sudoku and a very addictive puzzle game.

The objective of the puzzle is to insert a digit from 1 to 9 into empty cell that the sum of the numbers in each entry must match the clue in the small triangle above or to the left. Also a given digit can only be used once in an entry. Each puzzle can be solved with pure logic.

This app is simple and intuitive user interface. Unlike other Kakuro apps, our Kakuro puzzles can be solved with pure logic and have one correct answer.
With total brainteasers, It is great app to train your brain, and sharpen your logical thinking and solving skills. The current version offers puzzles with different sizes (5x5, 7x7, 9x9, 10x10, 13x13 grids) and difficulties for using an easy to use interface. We add new Kakuro puzzles in a timely manner.

Some Features:
- Clean and intuitive interface.
- Brainteasers from easy to hard. (5x5, 7x7, 9x9, 10x10, 13x13 grids)
- Add new Kakuro puzzles in a timely manner.
- Pure logic puzzles, no guessing needed.
- All puzzles are handmade.
- Support zooming function.
- Support undo/redo fuction
- Auto save when game is interrupted and resume where you left off.
- Hint function when you are stuck. (Please use it wisely, otherwise it hurts your score.)
- Manual taking notes.
- Statistics to keep track of your progress.
- Leader boards to compare your score with other people in the world.


Version 1.112

Added 10 new puzzles. (Total 1280 puzzles)
Add new puzzles regularly.

Notes et avis

4.2 sur 5
50 notes

50 notes

Auntwo ,

Challenging Kakuro

I love this puzzle because it usually challenges me. Only one draw back is that the numbers are so small. Even with my glasses on, it’s hard to read numbers.

D14m0nd qu33n ,

Relaxing fun

Great game for keeping the brain sharp. My arithmetic has improved greatly. I don't care how weird the scoring can be or whether I'm timed or not. I can always go back under stats and re-do a puzzle. A few had multiple answers but I don't expect perfection. It was only a few of them. I thought they were endless so I was disappointed to hit the end. Fortunately new puzzles are being created in a timely manner.

RCorwin ,

Great game

Played it about every day. Completed all 620 games. They get progressively more difficult which helps you develop your skill at the game. Enjoyed the game immediately before going to sleep at night. Found that when I began to have difficulty with a puzzle it was time to go to sleep, then could easily solve later the next day.

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