LumaBooth Event Photo Booth Ratings and Reviews

4.5 out of 5
600 Ratings

600 Ratings

Chanman214 ,

Works Good. With a few tweaks can be better!

I have tried some other photobooth app in the ios appstore using my ipad and my dnpqw410 some are working as intended but not exceptional. I have noted this on my research online and had been suggested by peers as well. I would say the app is exceptional. Had some trouble but Christine from support was really helpful! Four suggestions to make the app better! First, An option for the welcome page for the uploaded image to be edited (like how you can edit the printlayout). Second, An option to click the uploaded images on a dropdown or a list as when it gets layered and takes space on the layout it gets hard to adjust and edit. Third, The QR sharing option, it pops out late (about 2sec after all sharing options pops out) after capturing the pictures (hopefully this is not intended). Fourth, an option to turn on and off the saving of single photo capture and printlayout on your device (this is going to be a life saver especially for users who are saving spaces on their devices.) Other than that its a good photobooth app.

Developer Response ,

Thank you for your kind words and we're glad our support team was very helpful. You currently can add text to the welcome screen from within the app but you're absolutely right, we'll be working on enhancing that feature soon. I'm not sure what you mean by your second suggestion, please write into with more details. The QR Code depends on your image/video getting uploaded to the internet so the url can be generated. Once it's uploaded, we display the QR Code. Got it on the last suggestion. Usually, the photos take up very little space that we would rather keep them just in case a guest every asks for them. You can always delete them easily from the Photos app on your iPad following the event.

RobtheBully ,

Works great but…2nd device?

Great app, does what is is supposed to do. However, when I access to my event album from a second device, it somehow changed my print layout settings within the app. I do drop off photobooths, and this app would be perfect if that didn’t occur. In the future, I will just not login from a second device, while the event is actually going as it apparently could change some things. I feel as though this is a glitch that should not occur, but the app still works perfectly otherwise.

Developer Response ,

LumaBooth syncs your events across your devices so any changes you make on one iPad will flow to your other iPads with the same event opened.

Wfamily6 ,

Crashes when saving and no way to contact support

I purchased this app to use for my daughter’s graduation party this coming weekend and I am very disappointed that I have paid the $20 subscription fee so that I could have a seamless process and every time I try to do a video or a boomerang it tells me that it fails to upload I am trying this on an iPhone 13 Pro I am trying this onto iPad minis they are older Versions but they are updated with the latest software to run these apps I am also using the Lu Mesher app so that my guess we’ll be able to view the photos and send them while someone else is taking a photo and that keeps crashing as well. I cannot find any way to contact the support to get assistance with this as I am having this party this weekend and it is very frustrating that I paid the money. I researched for over three weeks different photoBooth apps for the iPad and I chose this and it seems like there are some very bad bugs that need to be addressed I would hope that someone could contact me in order to get this resolved and to provide some support if possible

Developer Response ,

Hello, most likely this is an issue related to not granting app permissions. Please contact our support team at and we can get you up and running. You can also contact our support team through the app, if you click on Settings, About LumaBooth, Help Me. Please let us know your LumaBooth Login when you write in.

thepirahna ,

Used for wedding

After looking for multiple apps to use for a makeshift photo booth for our wedding I came across this one. It worked beautifully, it’s simple and is extremely effective for a nice little photo both(with a then the of the cost!). The only downside is that the main page cant be edited to do whatever you want, for example adding pictures. And if it can, it’s not simple to show me how. The other side is that if it could have a one time purchase option. For example $30 for a month use, with all the features would be nice. Since I don’t need a subscription, it was a use once situation. Overall very good app through!

Developer Response ,

Congrats on your wedding and we're glad we could power your photo booth. You can edit the welcome screen under Settings > Welcome Screen. You can set your own background image or change one of the existing themes. Let us know if you have any questions at

she-kay ,

No problems!

If you have been considering getting a app for a Photo Booth, this was a good one. I downloaded at least 30 different apps. This one was nice because you could download it and try it out a little bit before you committed to purchase. It had everything we needed. The ability to add our company logo and the event logo, there ability to share on the spot, lock screen option, and so much more. I had a few issues figuring out how to navigate at first, but I sent an instant message and got a response fairly quickly. Our participants really enjoyed this. Will be using it again in the future.

Wobblegong ,

Want to like, but buggy and poor support

I’ve done 3 events with this software and want to like it, but at $20 a month for the service, it really should be more reliable software.

Besides needing to babysit the iPad for occasional hangs, the releases are just dumped on you and screw you over. Take the virtual assistant. Custom prompts used to kind of work. You had to figure out to make audio .m4a and get it in your iTunes library, but they played.

Now, custom audio prompts will only let you select .mp3 files, but it won’t actually import and use them. If you rename a .m4a to .mp3, you can import the file, but your event file becomes corrupt.

I learned this while trying to change one prompt on an existing event. Tell the bride all that time recording is now for naught on her big day…

There just doesn’t seem to be any QA, so the releases come in a flurry (look at version history) If you have automatic update on, you can come back to an event and find they broke you overnight. Again, nice set of features and conceptually decent service, just poor quality, at least on iOS.

There is a link to submit a support request, but I’ve never gotten a response. YMMV.

Developer Response ,

Hey, we're sorry you had issues. We review and answer every single concern. Our app only supported mp3 files for audio in virtual attendant. Based on your feedback, we have started supporting m4a audio as well. This was added in v3.4.

FotoProPhotobooths ,

IPad Pro

I’m using the newest iPad pro 3rd gen, and this app works great. Customization to layouts can get tricky but the customer service responded promptly. I can also give you any advice as well, I’ve been using this app for almost 3 months. I love how it picks up my wps server printer instantly. Wirelessly prints with the commands on the app perfectly. I usually make most of my layout on Publisher then transfer a high quality jpeg for Start screen and layouts. The analytics page online is pretty neat so you can save customers numbers and email for future promotions.

FotoPro Photobooths

Luvinlife30 ,

Great App, Just needs a free touches to be perfect

So I purchased this for a month to use at my baby shower today and my guests loved it. I like this app overall, however, there was a slight learning curve to setting up the interface. If the developer could improve the settings (specifically the font selections), add more visual prompts (especially for a loud environment), and give the option for it to go back to the welcome screen automatically after a session has ended instead of having to press the tiny “X” it would be nearly perfect.

Developer Response ,

Thanks for the great feedback. Our app uses the built-in fonts on your device. You can set a timeout duration on the sharing screen under Settings, Sharing Settings.

razor8821 ,

Great Photo booth software!

After downloading countless apps looking for an app I could download to use my iPad as a diy photo booth; I found the best. LumaBooth was a hit at my wedding! The only thing I really disliked was they only offer a monthly and yearly subscription. I really think they should offer a “one time event” option. After carefully purchasing tripods, lights, backdrop, printer and LumaBooth I deployed it for our reception and everyone enjoyed it so much they’re asking me to set it up for their next events. In conclusion, get Lumabooth, get new friends!

Developer Response ,

Glad we were able to make your wedding photo booth a hit and sorry that all your friends are asking for photo booths from you!

Alpha gamer81 ,

Not reliable

I have had nothing but problems with the luma company as a whole. LumaBooth, LumaShare is easy to use but having to apps communicate never works. I also always have problems mirroring to TV for the slide show, either it won’t connect at all or a handful of videos come through. I tried my own hotspot, strong WiFi and secured…..none of it helped. On top of that the sms rarely go through. Then they convince you to have another subscription to their foto cloud to later send gallery because their apps aren’t working.
Want to speak to someone to get answers, no one is available. Only contact through emails. Why is it so hard to find a reliable 360 software?