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Create your very own robotic anime girl and teach her all about the world around her!
Learn together, work together and spend time together to really get to know your MyRoid.
With a huge variety of clothes and accessories, you can also dress her how you like!
Change her hair, her eyes and even her very personality! Do you like the smoldering, silent type? Or perhaps the energetic, loving type? All these and more, with an ever increasing array!
With this many customizable options, you'll always have a place in your heart for your MyRoid!

Recent Updates:
- 5 new personalities added, including Noble, Masculine, Brash and more!
- Server MI's Knitting Challenge added, allowing you to recycle old and unwanted clothes to make new rare and exclusive outfits!
- Assort Shop added, featuring all kinds of clothes, accessories and items all in one place!
- Double Candy item added, allowing you to power through Events collecting double points per move!
- And more!

- 19 different personality types, including Tsundere, Cool, Cheeky and more added regularly!
- Change her face, her hair and of course her clothes!
- Thousands of clothes and accessories available, with more added weekly!
- Play Gachas to earn rare, exclusive outfits, and recycle old ones to create a whole new wardrobe!
- Talk with her, go on dates and get close to one another with seasonal Events and Scenarios!

Download now and create your very own MyRoid!


バージョン 2.1.2

Minor Bug Fixes.




narancia ghirga

really cute

long time player here. ive been playing this game for over half a decade now. ive been through a few accounts since i have a terrible habit of losing my id and password, but this isn’t a terrible loss since i haven’t minded making new myroids too much.
just like most reviews say, as a non-male player id love other pronouns, however it doesn’t bother me too much. i’m not overly concerned with what my myroid is calling me. i mostly come to this app because i LOVE cute things, and this app really delivers for that. the outfits and the myroids are very cute. AP is expensive, but i dont feel like i have to buy AP to enjoy the game so this isnt experience ruining for me. its very easy to get a lot of the important items in this game such as gacha tickets and other useful items as well as moen change. i also never feel like i lose the gachas which is nice. even if i dont get what i wanted the gachas in this game always have cute clothes and accessories in both the normal and rare prizes, so even if i dont get that rare dress i dont feel too beat up about it.
i dont play many gachas since im prone to gambling too much, but this game has a special place in my heart and doesnt feel like so much of a tease that i spend half my wallet on it. this makes me actually wanna keep playing.
good app, some small changes could be made but i have no big complaints.


Long time player here, this game is great

I've been playing since 2015 and this game has never disappointed me. The free AP button used to not work, as you can see by older reviews, and I remember it frustrating me for years that it didn't work. It started to work for me about a year or two ago, so either the issue has been fixed or I got lucky. Either way, don't worry about that too much now if being unable to get free currency turns you off the game. MCC doesn't force you to buy currency to have a fun time, it is entirely capable to be a F2P player and have a good time. The art is amazing and the devs are constantly updating it with new unique artwork and events. The gameplay is simple but addicting, and it's fun to work towards your next myroid. They recently introduced new skintones too and while there aren't a lot of options for them yet, I know it'll be more fleshed out in the future! About the only turns offs this game may potentially have are that the player can only be referred to with he/him pronouns, your myroids will always be referred to with she/her, and there are a lot of sexual undertones. Personally, the sexual undertones have never bothered me as I just learned to ignore anything I didn't like, but they are there. If none of that bothers you, this game is super fun and has really cute art! The community is really nice and accepting too, so there's no reason to be afraid of interacting with other players :)


Just a few things that bother me.

I've had this game for years now, across different devices. But I'll get to the bad things first. You can only be a male in this game. I'm a girl, and I'd like an option to have my myroids call me by she/her pronouns. Also, the mildly sexual undertones are a bit off putting. The whole "master" thing, I got over quickly. But I think the suggestive lines should be reserved for the "Sexy" and "Dominant" types. Or at least be a little more subtle. More options for your Myroid to look masculine would be fun, too! And different pronouns for the myroid! Also, a little more variety in hair and eyes, as well as items should be available for moen. Also, fix your free AP button. I remember it USED to work. Perhaps a moen to AP exchange? Now all in all, this is an amazing app with a lot of work put into it. I cant sing its praises enough. The art is gorgeous, and there's so many different clothing options. I've played for years now, on and off, because sometimes I just lose interest. But it's an adorable game with fun events and awesome log in bonuses. I love it, but cant recommend it to many people BECAUSE of the sexual undertones. "Hey jim, check out this app where a robot calls you master!" I think not. It's great for someone who constantly needs to be making progress in something like me. But really. FIX YOUR FREE AP BUTTON.



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