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PhoneAll is an App providing calls and instant messaging for FREE.
Available for iPhone and other smartphones, PhoneAll uses your 3G/4G of WiFi connection (when available) to call and exchange instant messages.
Download for free PhoneAll and tell your friends and relatives to do so in order to call each other and share texts and pics, always and everywhere. If you call contacts that don’t have the App or are not online, you access the best rates on the market, with no connection fee.
Try PhoneAll now: quality of calls is outstanding!

With PhoneAll your phone number is your ID. The App accesses the contacts on your phone to allow a direct call with a seamless user experience.

To use the service all you need to do is:
• Download the PhoneAll App FREE OF CHARGE
• Run the App
• Enter your cellular phone number
• Wait for the SMS activation code
• Input the activation code in the App when required

With PhoneAll App you can:
• Call all your contacts for FREE if online with PhoneAll
• Call the other contacts at the best rates available
• Start and manage a conference call
• Experience outstanding quality of voice calls
• Send instant messages
• Share pics, audio and video messages, emoticons and much more
• Top-up with the in-app function
• Check in real time your credit
• Transfer your credit at any time to anyone who has downloaded PhoneAll
• Display the rates with an easy search per phone number or country

WARNING: You may incur in additional costs by your telephone operator in case of international data roaming or if you don’t have a flat-rate internet subscription.


Versione 1.18

Translated in Italian language, new user interface.

Privacy dell’app

Lo sviluppatore, Nextrade Telecom fz llc, ha indicato che le procedure per la tutela della privacy dell’app potrebbero includere il trattamento dei dati descritto di seguito. Per ulteriori informazioni, consulta l’informativa sulla privacy dello sviluppatore.

Data Not Collected

The developer does not collect any data from this app.

Le procedure per la tutela della privacy possono variare, per esempio, in base alle funzioni che usi o alla tua età. Ulteriori informazioni

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