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287 notes

287 notes

fkamingo 2000,,..,, ,

Great game...fix steering

Was looking for an app like MARIO kart, this is a total rip...which was exactly I was looking for...Mini games in between races keep it interesting. Balled out on the $2 map pack, then started to notice the buggy controls which lead to overall resentment of the purchase. Thank you for copying Mario kart, now just fix the steering (does not gauge the directional when you switch quickly steering from right to left). More power-ups and reverse button if you're up to it.

Rileydorestal ,

Hidden gem

Perfect, so I'm just gonna respond to some complaints because I'm bored and it's ten o'clock and I have nothing better to do

So some people complain about the controls but they're fine on my iPhone 5 ksorry I'll be serious

One dude in the reviews complained about unlocking the game. Seriously? Be thankful we get 7 free tracks, most devs aren't that generous. It's honestly so annoying when mobile gamers complain about having to pay. PC and Console gamers pay 60 dollars for games and then mobile gamers call a four dollar game overpriced... go back to clash of clans and wait 5 hours to do anything. If you are going to complain about two dollars for a game, you shouldn't be gaming. Why do you people think awesome developers shouldn't be rewarded. They put their blood sweat and tears into making this game and then you wanna throw a fit over two dollars. Ever heard of bills? It's funny that mobile gamers spend like $250 on game of war or whatever but won't spend one dollar on an actual good game.

Wow I went on a tirade there.

Don't buy the totem things you don't need them and you don't get many.

Krazy kid 19 ,

God has answered our prayers.

This game is perfect in every way. I only have one problem, If you buy the full game on one device and sync it onto another, it doesn't say "Already Bought" on the second device. Please fix this, Also, please fix some of the grammar and change "Labyrinthine" to Labyrinth. But eve with those few problems, thanks for making me smile and giggle. This game is great and deserves to have more recognition. Keep up the good work.


19.8 Mo

Nécessite iOS 6.1 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.


Français, Allemand, Anglais, Espagnol, Italien, Portugais

Classé 4+
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