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The app for Disc Golf putting practice stats.

Keep track of your putting practices. See the stats, is your putting trends going up or down?

Putt Maister is on early stage of development, send feedback to hello@puttmaister.com


Versio 0.8.0

- Stats-page includes now "Stats" and "Summary" -tabs
- "Stats"-tab includes "Daily" / "Weekly" (new!) / "Monthly" stat charts
- "Summary"-tab includes new "12 month trend" chart and you can switch the shown data between 5-10m and 11-15m
- Other small improvements

Please send feedback and feature requests to hello@puttmaister.com, thank you!

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11 arviota

11 arviota


Helpful tool for any disc golfer

This app makes putting practice much more streamlined and the stats allow you to gauge your improvement based on actual data from your practice sessions. The 'tags' feature is excellent for organizing things further, especially if you're someone who practices both spin/push putting and wants to monitor progress of both separately. The only suggestion I have at this time is that it would be really nice to have this app compatible with the Apple watch, so I could mark down my scores and keep track of everything without having to pullout my phone. Highly recommend you try it out!

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Thank you so much! 😊

Apple Watch compatibility is highly requested feature. It may take some time, but the app will have Apple Watch support at some point for sure.


Absolutely love it! (With one glitch)

Perfect tool for practice and seeing progress. Only glitch I have had is when I turn off metric mode (The American button) some of my 3M putts turn into 9ft and 10ft rounds which causes the stats and the charts to glitch and unalign.

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Thank you!✌️ And that’s good point! I will try to fix it 👍


Very good app for tracking putting practice

Overall has been a great way to track putting practice. The JYLY practice has been gives a feeling of pressure. My only complaint is after about 8,000 putts it has been locking me into only one type of practice. I like to use the combo and JYLY so I have to delete the app and redownload which deletes all of my stats. If this could be fixed that would be great, but still is the best app for tracking putting that I’ve found.

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