RAW Power® has the best Finder, Photos and iCloud integration of any non-Apple photo app, plus advanced RAW editing, ratings and more.

RAW Power is three tools in one:

1) A fast, non-destructive image editor app. No need to import - RAW Power can quickly browse any folder on your disk.
2) An Apple Photos library app. It is also compatible with iCloud Photos, so any Photos library changes you make sync to your other Macs and iOS devices.
3) A Photos editing extension.

Any way you use it, you get the same impressive editing features. With either app mode, you can rate, flag, and filter too.

RAW Power is great with JPEGs, with powerful adjustments absent from Apple's Photos (such as LUTs, Depth Effect and Chromatic Aberration)

If you loved Aperture's advanced RAW processing, you'll feel at home with RAW Power. Adjustments like Boost, previously only available in Aperture, help you improve your images in ways that simply can't be done in any other application.

App interface video:
Extension interface video:


— ADVANCED RAW: Unlock the power of Apple's RAW engine (previously only in Aperture). Unique adjustments improve photos in ways impossible in any other app.

— ORGANIZE: RAW Power can organize and manage your Photos Library (requires Catalina). Fully compatible with iCloud Photo Library, so library changes are synced.

— FINDER SUPPORT: RAW Power is a fast, standalone image editor with the same excellent non-destructive, RAW processing.

— RATE & FILTER: Filter by file type, rating, flag, and edit state. Ratings and flags sync over iCloud Photos!

— EDIT CROSS-PLATFORM: Start on one device and continue on another using RAW Power 3 for iOS (separate purchase). RAW Power is also a Photos editing extension with all the same adjustments.

— BATCH PROCESSING: Apply presets, paste adjustments, and export images. Apply Auto Enhance or Auto White Balance to many images at once.


— Zoom up to 800% for extremely precise adjustments.

— Create Photo library albums, delete images, and arrange images in albums.

— View metadata such as file name, shot information, flash status, and location with map.

— Browse folders on your disk or albums in your library, pick favorite folders

— Multiple Windows / Tabs to view different parts of your disk or library at once

— Open and edit multiple files at once

— Thumbnail Grid with badges for edit state, file type, rating, and flags

— Filter by file type, edit state, rating, flags and tags

— Export with control over size, format, profile, and name

— Apply Presets, Paste Adjustments, Export and more in the background


— Compatible with hundreds of cameras, including iPhone RAW. (see Fuji Compressed RAW is not supported. Supports most DNGs.

— Unparalleled highlight recovery. Real-time control of Apple's RAW, including Noise Reduction, Black Point, Gamut Mapping and more

— Auto Enhance, Auto White Balance, Auto Levels and Auto Curves

— Histogram with Clipping Indicators and Hot Pixels Overlay

— LUTs (Look up tables) with built-in looks and film simulations. Add your own!

— Crop and Straighten, Rotate and Flip, White Balance with sampler and auto

— Highlights, Shadows, Vibrancy, Local Contrast and incredible Lighten and Darken sliders

— Curves and Levels. Curves has Linear and Lab modes, and samplers

— Depth Effect to enhance photos shot with the dual camera system

— Chromatic Aberration correction, Perspective, Black & White, Vignette with adjustable center point

— Metal-based image processing engine for better performance. High-precision, deep color imaging.

— Fully non-destructive editing, with all changes stored in sidecars

— All sliders are real-time and GPU accelerated

— Customizable Presets and Copy / Paste of adjustments

Trial version available for download at

What’s New

Version 3.0.4

Version 3.0.4:
• Completely remove German and Chinese localizations - will be restored when they are complete.
Version 3.0.3:
• Add Restore Edits feature for File Browser, for use after restoring images from backup or copying images to a different drive
• Support large LUTs (over 2 MB).
• Read locations manually set in Photos
• Fix bug when importing LUTs into the Photos extension.
• Improvements to Auto White Balance
• Move LUTs into a new directory that is shared between the extension and app.
• Fix bug with the Satellite view in Map.
• Simplify Reconnect Edits
• Fix bugs with Crop aspect ratios
• Add ability to delete ratings and editing information from all images in a folder in the File Browser.
• Move the File Browser database to the Documents directory
• Miscellaneous bug fixes and small user interface changes

Version 3.0.1 and 3.0.2
• Improve quality and range of Highlights and Shadows
• Improve quality of LUTs applied to over-exposed images
• Fix bugs with Chromatic Aberration
• Fix bug when exporting Photo library images in Edit
• Fix bugs with dragging images to the app icon, File > Open, etc
• Create tab properly when command-clicking on an album in the Photos library browser
• Change adjustment reordering interface from a modal dialog to a sheet
• Add new help menu items
• Write out rating to IPTC on export
• Fix bug when resetting default adjustments
• Handle LUT cube files with uppercase extension (.CUBE)
• Address rare condition with Photo Library Privacy Setting not always appearing
• Add miscellaneous UI tweaks, localization changes and bug fixes
• Fix two crashes

Version 3.0:
• Full Photo Library Browser on macOS Catalina (#1 requested feature)
• RAW Power makes your Photo Library better with Ratings, Flags, and Filtering
• Easy filtering of any album by rating, flag, file type and adjustment status
• Edit non-destructively with advanced editing controls
• Browse your Photo Library, create and change albums and folders, and rearrange album contents
• Full support for iCloud Photo Library - edits and all other changes sync between Mac and iOS
• Even Ratings and Flags sync with iCloud Photo Library both to other Macs and to iOS
• Fast Access: recently viewed albums and images get their own section
• Use Tabs to view different albums in your library at the same time.

• RAW Power File Browser
• Adds ratings, flags, and filtering
• Finder Tags are automatically read, displayed and any changes are synched to the Finder

• Refreshed, configurable Editing interface
• Refreshed visual design
• Speed up your editing by selecting default adjustments and reorder them to align with your workflow
• New adjustments:
• Advanced Auto Enhance with Face Balancing gives you a quick head start on editing
• LUTs with film simulations included (and you can import your own)
• Sophisticated Auto White Balance
• Levels with Auto Levels
• Channel Mixer
• Apply Auto Enhance to multiple images at once through batch processing

• RAW Power Photos Extension also gains all editing enhancements

Get RAW Power for iOS and edit cross-platform, synched through iCloud Photos (separate purchase)

Ratings and Reviews

4.5 out of 5
146 Ratings

146 Ratings

Passepartout ,

Simple, fast, excellent

v1.0 was a very capable tool for quickly making adjustments to RAW images in a non-destructive way (it remembers the adjustments you make to a RAW file, including cropping and straightening elsewhere). No nonsense.

v2.0 adds a lot of the useful browsing capabilities of a tool like FastRAWViewer and adds some really useful tools for batch processing and copying adjustments from one image to another (although I haven't quite convinced myself the latter work properly yet — but if there are issues I know the developer will fix them really quickly).

Probably the main thing I miss from Lightroom is the clarity adjustment, although Enhance > Definition seems to do some of the same stuff.

I still find the crop/straighten process a little but clunky, but it's not a deal-breaker.

Missing Stuff
- ability to quickly preview the current image full screen with no distractions (this is what the "quick look" button should do, and it should have a keyboard shortcut, like "F"
- in addition to hot/cold pixels, how about a sharpness overlay (like FastRawViewer)?
- filter files by name
- ability to apply Finder labels to images (e.g. red, orange, and 0–5 attaching mutually exclusive "star ratings")
- you can't see photo metadata (e.g. exposure settings) when you're editing the photo. Ideally just move the metadata display to the left and make it collapsible.

Rich0000-14 ,

Very useful program with a glaring omission

I use ACR and Photoshop CS6 for RAW conversion and Bridge as my cataloging program. I will never buy into Adobe’s subscription program. I bought this program as insurance against not being able to run CS6 in a future Mac OS version and on the basis of reviews here and elsewhere. I cannot honestly tell if its any “better or worse” than ACR/PS in terms of the quality of processed RAWs which are all from my D800E and are very clean to begin with. I’ll continue to try its capabilities, but I’m not quite comfortable in it yet.

I believe the program has one glaring omission - It allows the user to adjust the background behind the image from default black all the way to white, but the background of the controls area is all black and can’t be changed. I HATE to work on a black screen. It’s childish and appeals to people who have no experience in graphic design. PLEASE include the option of varying that background! If the window size of the program is less than full screen, all the controls cannot be seen. There is no way to scroll the area to reveal controls toward the bottom. The entire window must be enlarged to see them! Not good. Additionally, the boxes and slider controls in that area are very “un-Mac like” and are inelegant and crude looking.

Developer Response ,

Thank you for your review. Version 2.0 (a free upgrade) has a large number of improvements. In addition there are some UI changes. The edit panel is no longer black (it matches colors used in macOS Mojave), and the scroll bars appear in a more standard fashion.

Markblive ,

Best Aperture RAW editor replacement I have found

I have kept using Aperture, my favorite RAW converter app, for years after Apple killed it because I could not find anything else I liked. While RAW Power does not have Aperture's DAM, it comes close with the editing features it had and in some ways it is better. Very simple and easy to use.

One of my favorite things is it has most of the same keyboard shortcuts I used in Aperture which makes me feel right at home. Being able to copy my adjustments from one photo to multiple others really saves me time. I also like that I can customize my own presets that can be applied to my incoming photos.

I orginally was going to use it as a plug-in with Photos but I am now using it as a stand alone app because of it's new browsing feature.


Gentlemen Coders, LLC
48.1 MB

macOS 10.14 or later, 64-bit processor


English, French

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