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By Barbara Clark.

Note: This app offers a free audio session: "Release & Transform Fear". This session is our gift to you -- no ads, no annoying reminders, no limited uses: just plain free! If you want to explore this healing method further, the app gives you access to a full set of powerful meditations, that you can unlock all at once, and download for a small fee (see full list below).

As well as helping us feel better emotionally, releasing heavy, trapped emotional energies is vital to maintain good health. Emotions have energy, they are real! Energy does not just disappear if it's held in or repressed. When we cannot express ourselves on an emotional or psychological level the energy becomes embodied until it manifests in the physical body as dis-ease or pain.

Releasing painful emotions and transforming them into peace and acceptance is good for your health!

As Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Be the peace you wish to see in the world".

As peace grows in our own hearts, we contribute to the energy of peace throughout the world.

Likewise, when we transform these lower emotional energies in ourselves, we contribute to transforming and releasing them from all humanity. In this way we all contribute to the raising of human consciousness, the vibration of the planet and the energy of peace.

List of available sessions:
- Release & Transform Fear (free!)
- Release & Transform Anger
- Release & Transform Blame
- Release & Transform Guilt
- Release & Transform Jealousy
- Release & Transform Shame

About the author: Barbara Clark is an Emotional Freedom Technique and Reiki Practitioner. She has extensive experience with other healing modalities such as The Zpoint Process, Divine Love Healing, T.A.T. and Emotrance. She is currently studying Advanced Clearing Energetics.
Her own health challenge in 2009 taught her the importance of learning to love and appreciate her body, get herself out of the way and allow her body to heal. She is passionate about teaching us that our bodies are not our enemies! They are always, always doing the very best they can to support us. Barbara lives and works in beautiful, rural Southern Scotland and is always delighted to hear from you via her website, or her Facebook page,


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30 notes

JessieBlueCrew ,


So I’ve been doing meditations for years. I also do EFT tapping to help with many issues (anxiety, aches, pains...etc). I found this set of meditations to be like EFT tapping, and therefore much more effective. The key is repetition. Her voice is soothing, pleasant and consistent. The messages are like she literally understands what is in my head. I’ve had a couple of emotional releases.

Once you buy, it’s downloaded on your phone. I listen on the plane as I have anxiety with flying. It literally sedates me and calms to a state of nearly sleeping and having no fear at all. If you ever find that your download does not show up, you just click download again and “restore0 your purchase. Easy. Anyone who complains about that step is seriously lazy or not bright about figuring it out. I’ve only had to restore a couple of times. Get both her apps if you want more specific ailment concerns covered. Worth every single penny!!!



will recommend patients as well as family/friends -- not everyone can afford or will attend therapy, and this somatic technique helps people feel better in the moment -- love it
lisa bolton rn fnp

mimimamomo ,

needs word change

To listeners and the app creators/voice: substitute “inflammation” for “fat cells” in the first free track about letting go of fear.

Fat cells are super important to all of your vital functioning. If there are too many OR too few, you get inflammation. When you have an excess of cortisol, your body may produce extra fat cells because biologically speaking, they provide padding and security. Too much cortisol causes inflammation and of course a lot of us would rather not have that extra-padding look.

Anyways if those of you who created this app could do a punch-in just on that word and use “inflammation” or some other word that doesn’t trigger those of us with histories of disordered eating in a super misinformed way,
that would be awesome.

Other than that I am actually pretty impressed w/ the track; there are usually a lot of other little things that bother me with recordings like this but so far that damaging unscientific nonsense was the only thing that rlly bothered me.

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