Riddle Stones - Cross Numbers 4+

Logic number grid puzzles


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Like crosswords but with squares and numbers. This game is based on the asian riddles known as picross, griddler and nonogram. It’s a real mind challenge wrapped in a fun experience where you need to think and use your brains to succeed.

To decipher our puzzle grids, you will use numbers indicating which squares to activate in each grid based on simple rules. Each number tells you where to add squares in a row or a column. You can compare it to sudoku or crosswords with more fun brain training. You will learn easily, progress rapidly and quickly get addicted! It will blow you mind!

Riddle Stones offers a fascinating cross-over between crosswords, sudoku, minesweeper and other puzzles based on numbers where you cross the hints to find which squares to activate. But be careful and think right, if you tap the wrong square, you will trigger a trap!

Fans of picross, nonogram, griddler, paint by numbers rejoice and enjoy Riddle Stones...
Solve grid cross-puzzles by logic & deduction! PLAY NOW!

Also available on Facebook.

Riddle Stones is completely free to play, but some in-game items such as extra lives require payment.


Version 4.8.4

Various bug fixes and improvements.

Notes et avis

4,2 sur 5
1,2 k notes

1,2 k notes

Godzirra7377 ,

It’s a good game, but...

Don’t get me wrong, I still play this game everyday to pass the time or do something fun, as it is one of the one games I haven’t played for a few days and then dropped, but there is something you must know.
I’ve played almost 400 levels in this game and when I downloaded it I played and played for hours. The game has 12 different maps and each map contains 16 levels that you click into and then from there each level you click into has anywhere from 2-5 challenges. This makes completing each level a little challenging and keeps you entertained as you’re not grinding through small challenges. After you complete the 12 maps, the game resets back to the first map, but you’re just on a different level number and tier it seems like. The levels get slightly harder on the second tier through, but eventually you start noticing that some of the levels look the same or are the same as one you played previously. Then once you complete the second tier and start back on the third tier it’s the same levels over and over. So it’s a great time passer and is a fun game. One of the best puzzle games I’ve played in awhile in the App Store, but eventually the levels start to repeat and it makes it dull.

CarDark ,

Constant error screen on iPad version

This is a great game! The reason for not giving 5 stars is a constant error box that pops up constantly, during levels and between, that causes lost levels and time, and is extremely frustrating. It is a gray box that covers the entire screen and to close it, you have to tap a square that is on top of the game screen and it will also tap a box in the current level at the same time, often causing the loss of the level. The error message is a paragraph of errors, all involving Facebook and “request stack too big”, then a list of various Facebook and mobile errors. I play on my iPad so that I can use Apple Pencil for the larger grids that have tiny boxes, as it is difficult to tap them accurately with my finger. I have not noticed on the mobile version because I switched to iPad quickly and I have not connected my iPhone version to Facebook. If you will give me a support email address, I can send a screenshot. Please fix this and I will happily change to a 5 star review. Thank you!

Dwise94 ,

Not bad

I’ve played this game nearly every day for several years. It’s been great when I was on deployments. After playing for so long, I have figured some things that aren’t quite ideal.

1. I understand there are limitations, but after getting through over 4,000 levels, there are hundreds of pattern repeats. So many, in fact, that I have them memorized. I play them anyway, but it’s not quite as fun.

2. Any time you hit a trap, 99% of the time it completely drains your health. One single trap. Which is incredibly annoying because now you’re out a life. I know it could be a way for us to want to buy more coins for lives, but it’s becomes frustrating when a single mistake ends the entire attempt.

3. It would be cool to win a medal/award/achievement after you get so many stars. For example, if you get all 48 for an overall level. Something just to make you want to redo levels other than just getting the stars to says 48/48.

Overall though, I do like how simple and fun the game is. I appreciate that there aren’t requirements for internet connection and you can’t keep playing until you run out of lives!

Another thing that could be cool to have it a way to replay levels with time limits. Some puzzles I finish incredibly fast, and other times they take me forever. Would be interesting to have a timer option to either track your time (and maybe have an average time for that set of levels?) or race against the timer!

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