From the makers of the Persona series, Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 is the latest entry in the three-decade-long Megami Tensei video game franchise; bringing its dark themes, thrilling battles and mysterious storylines to life, to mobile platforms!

Take on the role of a Devil Downloader, also known as a Dx2.
Dx2s are able to summon and command demons using a special smartphone app.

Led by a mysterious man, you gain access to this special app and become a member of the Liberators, a secret organization that fights to protect the world from an opposing faction of Dx2s.

The enemy is known only as the Acolytes.

Driven by their own ideology, the Acolytes abuse their demon-summoning capabilities to wreak chaos, and are secretly eliminating people with high empathy quotients (EQ) who pose a threat to their goals.

Pick up your smartphones and join us in this quest to protect the world from the evil Acolytes!

Classic gameplay
- Summon and Fuse new demons.
- Press Turn battle system.
- Collect, Enhance, and Evolve demons; customize your Party, and apply different tactics to defeat your opponents.

Massive collection of demons
- Over 160 unique demons from the original series.
- High quality 3D graphics brings demons to life like never before!
- Each demon has its own skills. Transfer skills, and take advantage of each demon’s strengths to win in battles against tough opponents!

Augmented Reality Ready
- View demons in 360-degrees with the Augmented Reality mode.
- Pose and take pictures with your favorite demons!

Optimized for mobile with new game elements
- Enhance, Evolve and Awaken different Archetypes to form a formidable party!
- Battle Assist feature allows you to lend a hand to fellow Liberators in battle, and allows others to help you.
- Auto-battle and Speed Up mode for more play in less time.

Feature-packed for hours of fun!
- Deep JRPG storytelling. Explore modern Tokyo, including places such as Akihabara, Shinjuku and Kudanshita.
- Investigate the Aura Gate to find valuable materials.
- Participate in seasonal events and win rewards that can make your team stronger.
- Challenge other players in the PVP “Dx2 Duel” mode.
- Summon and interact with demons in real life with the new AR function: Demon Scanner!

Japanese voice acting
- Turn on the sound for the full Shin Megami Tensei experience, complete with vivid narrations by the original Japanese cast!

Developer: SEGA
Original Work: ATLUS
Script: Makoto Fukami
Character Design: Tatsuro Iwamoto

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/d2megaten.official/
Official Website: https://d2-megaten-l.jp/en


バージョン 3.1.30

2.5 Year Anniversary Festival!
Login Bonus with a total of 2,500 Gems, Absolute Summon Files and other great rewards now on!

【Ver.3.1.30】 Update
- Switched to a new application icon.

*See the News section in-game or on our official website for more info.





Great Game

While it looks like the game is trying it’s hardest to get you to spend some money, it’s not. You don’t need premium currency to progress. Energy is fair and plentiful. Farming is a key part of the game. The game does so many things write that it makes up for the things it does wrong. About what it does wrong though. The game isn’t generous. It doesn’t hold your hand for even a second. Yes, the starting levels are easy but it gradually grows harder and harder. This requires you to farm previous levels (particularly the leveling ones) to progress. The plus the fact that you can get more creatures for more experience is more than enough to make up for that flaw. The game also has flaws in terms of glitches. They do not break the game but it’s not recommended to play on a wobbly internet connection. This game is well polished but it does take quite a drain on the battery though. It doesn’t matter because this game is worth it. It’s really fun and kills time more than anything (even some MOBAs). This game is definitely going in a good direction.

Eidolon Odin

Persona on mobile!

I recently discovered this game by just scrolling through the App Store and found that it was a trending game. Downloaded it and already I was in love~
It’s BASICALLY the Persona series on the go, but more focused on the story and battling, over the high school SIM of the games. Think of the gameplay like Digimon + Final Fantasy 1-10. You have a team of 4 “Demons” the Personas are called in this game, each individual Demon acts one by one. You can even recruit enemies during battle to lessen the enemies you face! Even receive support mid-battle from your friends or random people that met your account! Reminded me of Fire Emblem in that regard, too. The tutorial is pretty long and ads for their store keeps blasting in your face lol, but if you were waiting for a Shin Megami Tensai game on you phone, the wait is over! Imagine a team with Demons or “Personas” from throughout the series on your 4-person team. The ones you loved the most. I’m glad they finally made this. Download it now! It’s my new addiction.


Worth it

The graphics are great. I LOVE the artwork put into every character and every scene. I also love how characters are based off religious entities, legends, folklore, etc. It’s very diverse and each demon has a description, explaining which culture it originates from plus its background story. It seems like you need to pay to play, but you really don’t need to at all. Most games insist on it, especially to progress. This game, not really. The game is generous with energy and currency as long as you put effort into collecting useful items and leveling up. There’s so much to say about how cool this game is that it would take way too long to type it all out. Plus it’s better for you to find out for yourself— no spoilers! Oh, yeah, and it’s extremely entertaining, and for that, probably well worth your time. I’ve spent hours at a time just going through the main storyline (and there’s a ton of side storylines you can enjoy too). I don’t regret any time I’ve spent in gameplay. Super fun.



iOS 9.0以降が必要です。iPhone 5S、iPhone 6、iPhone 6 Plus、iPhone 6s、iPhone 6s Plus、iPhone SE(第1世代)、iPhone 7、iPhone 7 Plus、iPhone 8、iPhone 8 Plus、iPhone X、iPhone XS、iPhone XS Max、iPhone XR、iPhone 11、iPhone 11 Pro、iPhone 11 Pro Max、iPhone SE(第2世代)、iPad Air、iPad Air Wi‑Fi + Cellularモデル、iPad mini 2、iPad mini 2 Wi‑Fi + Cellularモデル、iPad Air 2、iPad Air 2 Wi‑Fi + Cellularモデル、iPad mini 3、iPad mini 3 Wi‑Fi + Cellularモデル、iPad mini 4、iPad mini 4 Wi‑Fi + Cellularモデル、12.9インチiPad Pro、12.9インチiPad Pro Wi‑Fi + Cellularモデル、9.7インチiPad Pro、9.7インチiPad Pro Wi‑Fi + Cellularモデル、iPad(第5世代)、iPad(第5世代)Wi‑Fi + Cellularモデル、12.9インチiPad Pro(第2世代)、12.9インチiPad Pro(第2世代)Wi‑Fi + Cellularモデル、10.5インチiPad Pro、10.5インチiPad Pro Wi‑Fi + Cellularモデル、iPad(第6世代)、iPad(第6世代)Wi‑Fi + Cellular、11インチiPad Pro、11インチiPad Pro Wi‑Fi + Cellularモデル、12.9インチiPad Pro(第3世代)、12.9インチiPad Pro(第3世代)Wi‑Fi + Cellularモデル、iPad mini(第5世代)、iPad mini(第5世代)Wi‑Fi + Cellularモデル、iPad Air(第3世代)、iPad Air(第3世代)Wi‑Fi + Cellularモデル、iPad(第7世代)、iPad(第7世代)Wi‑Fi + Cellularモデル、11インチiPad Pro(第2世代)、11インチiPad Pro(第2世代)Wi‑Fi + Cellularモデル、12.9インチiPad Pro(第4世代)、12.9インチiPad Pro(第4世代)Wi‑Fi + Cellularモデル、iPod touch(第6世代)、およびiPod touch(第7世代)に対応。



  1. Mega Gem Pack I $3.99
  2. Mega Gem Pack II $12.99
  3. 2.5 Year Anniversary Pack $15.99


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