Sleep Meister is a sleep aid app that uses the accelerometer sensor built into your device to monitor your body’s movements and sound an alarm when your sleep is at its lightest, letting you wake up refreshed.
Sleep Meister is compatible with HealthKit and is packed with features, allowing you to tweet automatically while asleep, record your sleep talking, manage your sleep data via graphs and lists, post your sleep data on social media platforms, set the music player to automatically turn off when you fall asleep, and much more.

Make every morning a refreshing one!

- Supports iOS 12.
- Optimized for iPhone X Super Retina Display.
- Optimized for iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus Retina HD Display.
- Compatible with HealthKit. (sleep analysis)
- Records sleep cycles.
- Alarm to wake you up when your sleep is at its lightest.
- Automatic tweet to Twitter.
- Records sleep talking.
- Music player that stops automatically when you fall asleep.
- 3D Touch.
- Touch ID / Face ID.

1. Open up the settings menu to personalize the app by choosing the alarm sound, snooze length, and more.
2. Set the alarm time and press the START button to begin monitoring your sleep cycles.
3. Refer to Help in the settings menu when choosing where to place your phone.
4. The alarm will sound in the time period you set when the app senses that your sleep is at its lightest.
5. After waking up, slide the slider to the right to stop sleep monitoring.

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[Differences between the free and paid versions]
- No advertisements in the paid version


バージョン 1.16.31

- Minor fixes.




DJ at East Coast, USA

(Updated) FANTASTIC, but -

I LOVE ❤️ this app. It is so useful. I have notoriously bad sleep habits, & this app has improved my sleep & temperament Greatly. However, there seems to be issues periodically maybe when Apple updates their iOs, as just happened. As I am experiencing now, past reviewers have had the app crash in the 3:00 hour which stops all functions. I will keep adjusting various iPhone settings until (I trust) the developers get the bugs 🐞🐞 out again. Otherwise very helpful app. My sleep is not the same without it. Contact form for developer is 403 & 404 error.

Update: I have solved the couple issues I have had. App works best for me if: iPhone is NOT on “Low Power Mode” when plugged in & going to bed. That was a key for me. Also probably best to NOT use “Do Not Disturb” as Sleep Alarm seems to be a notification. If you can, Disable your other least important notifications individually before bed (takes me approx 1 minute) but obviously not stuff like weather push notifications in tornado season for example. I think this app is fairly accurate (& for Free!!) & the insight I have received from it is worth a quick phone adjust before bed.


Good alarm/tracker!

I've been using this for months-- maybe even a year? I love the options for a gradual alarm, that you can decide how large of a window to wake you within, and that if it's working properly it'll actually wake you when you're in the shallower part of your sleep cycle. Sometimes it crashes and then it doesn't go off, but I've never been late for work because of it and I used to sleep through alarms all the time when I was younger. I'd definitely recommend it, just make sure you set a recurring back up alarm on your actual phone (or some other device) for the latest you're comfortable waking up for some peace of mind.


One of the most useful apps I've come across

The true value of this app is not described very well. A person can maximize their sleeping enjoyment based on what they do in their day-to-day activities.

I think a person is best rested if they maximize their deep sleeping capabilities. This app has been allowing me to do that. The app can be pretty fun too with the sleep talking capability. I don't sleep talk myself but my cats are always sent setting it off in the middle of the night. The app can also track how many times you have to get up and use the bathroom. This allows you to fine-tune your diet so you sleep more effectively throughout the night. This is a great and very useful app.


Naoya Araki
Health & Fitness

Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


English, Japanese

Rated 4+
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