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[New Function] Sequential Playback.
The sound source set to the pad will be automatically played sequentially.

SoundPad Pro is an easy-to-use sound player application that allows you to assign music on your device to 48 buttons for playback.
It is a higher version of SoundPad with playback modes such as master volume, individual volume adjustment, tempo setting, playback start position adjustment, fade-in, fade-out, cross-fade playback, and one-shot playback.
Each of the four pads can be played individually, so it is possible to play sound effects while playin music or looped sound sources*1.

For gapless loop playback, please use uncompressed sound source (e.g., wav format).

Sound sources can be downloaded and assigned from the Music library, iCloudDrive, or Dropbox. Downloading requires high-speed network communication, so a Wi-Fi environment is recommended. If you use a mobile connection, please make sure to subscribe to a flat-rate plan before using the service, as communication fees may be high.

We recommend that you use the "Airplane Mode" to avoid unexpected ring tones.

Music downloaded from AppleMusic cannot be used due to copyright protection DRM.

Various functions will operate in various ways depending on the combination of each setting, so please use the settings that suit your preference.
Even if multiple functions are enabled at the same time, they may not all work together at the same time due to exclusivity control or function conflicts, so please try the settings that best suit your purpose.


バージョン 1.9.1

Update information: 1.9.1
- Fixed a bug in the display change function of the assigned sound source name.
- Fixed a bug in the layout of the sort function.
- Fixed display related to Dropbox assignment.
- Fixed internal reload handling.
- Updated screen images.
Update information: 1.9.0
- Added sequential playback function.
The sound source set to the pad will be automatically playback sequentially.
You can use it by enabling "Sequential Playback" on the settings screen.
Update information: 1.8.6
- Compatible with iOS 17.1 and iPadOS 17.1
Update information: 1.8.5
- Fixed an alert bug in Music Library.
- Fixed a screen display bug of Dropbox.
Update information: 1.8.4
- Compatible with iOS 16.4.1 and iPadOS 16.4.1
- You can now operate the assignment screen while the sound source is playing.
- Icon change
- Minor display corrections
- Bug fix.
Update information: 1.8.3
- Change primary language to English.
- Edit screenshot.
Update information: 1.8.2
- English localization added.
- Fixed minor bugs.
Update information: 1.8.1
- Fixed a display bug.
Update information: 1.8.0
- Supported iOS15.
- Improved internal performance when playing multiple sound sources.
- Wireless Speaker Connection KeepAlive function added to the settings screen.
This is a countermeasure to the problem that the head of the played sound source may be cut off when using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi speakers, depending on the model.
Enable KeepAlive as needed to maintain the connection to the internal wireless speaker.
*Please note: When KeepAlive is enabled, the connection to the speakers is maintained while the application is running (including in the background), so if you want to disconnect the internal connection from SoundPadProMax to the speakers, you must explicitly exit the application If you want to disconnect the internal connection from SoundPadProMax to the speakers, you must explicitly exit the application.

- A bug in sound data assignment has been fixed. (Please refer to the following note.)

Note: In order to solve the bug in sound source data assignment, modifications have been made to the data storage directory structure. Although we have performed automatic migration as much as possible for sound sources already assigned in the previous version, some sound sources in iCloud and Dropbox may need to be reassigned. When applying the update, please make sure that you have time to check the assigned sound sources.


デベロッパである"RENAVE INC."は、アプリのプライバシー慣行に、以下のデータの取り扱いが含まれる可能性があることを示しました。詳しくは、デベロッパプライバシーポリシーを参照してください。

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

  • Identifiers



  • ファミリー共有




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