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Key features of SP Training :
• Workout book: create your program, note your performance
• Progression cycles: follow the plan for each session, for each exercise to ensure your progress.
• Personalized programs: programs adapted to all levels are included
• Stopwatch: accurately track your resting times
• + more than 250 exercises in videos: all exercises are filmed and described with precision (target muscle, anatomy, execution, dangers)
• Statistics: view your progress in a simple way
• Levels: stay motivated by setting goals
• Free, no registration, no time limit: upgrade to the PRO version to go further


You are not without knowing that you cannot leave your progress to the little joys, depending on your moods and your shape of the day which can be influenced by many factors but which do not in any way affect your physical capacities.

SP Training therefore proposes to act as an interactive training log, sprinkled with various options that make it the ideal companion to ensure you reach your goals.

To begin with, if you are lost among the countless programs on the Internet and in magazines, SP Training will offer you programs adapted and approved by hundreds of people, according to your availability and your level.

Each exercise in these is presented on video and in writing so that you know exactly what they are working on and why you are doing them. And if the 250 exercises present are not enough, you have the possibility to create your own.

From there, depending on your bodybuilding experience, the application will force you to write down everything you do during the sessions. That is to say your number of sets, repetitions, your rest time (a stopwatch is integrated) but also the difficulty felt at each exercise (RPE), a crucial factor in planning your progress.

Because methodology is an important, if not mandatory, part of any good training program.


Codified and popularized by the SuperPhysique site for bodybuilding practitioners without doping, SP Training integrates progression cycles so that you know what to do at each session for each exercise.

Depending on your level, various progression cycles have been programmed so that you will know what to do at the next session based on the difficulty notes you put on each exercise.

It is of course possible, if you do not need it, to program your own cycles instead of using the programmed ones, or even not to use the option if you wish to operate differently.

Your evolution is thus completely guided and guaranteed.

Thanks to this, because there is nothing more rewarding than to see yourself evolve, SP Training offers you to follow your progress according to different factors such as weight, number of sets and most importantly tonnage over the course of weeks.


Progressing is good, but without a goal, it can be difficult to stay in bodybuilding.

This is why SP Training offers you the opportunity to get medals on the main exercises and to obtain a level while detecting your weak points in order to focus on them if that was your wish.

With each medal validated, SP Training informs you about it and pushes you to aim higher.

So are you ready to take charge of your progress?

PS: Do not hesitate to send us your comments to improve the application.

Official website: https://www.sp-training.fr/


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