Le grandi canzoni possono nascere ovunque. Ecco perché abbiamo progettato Spire per accompagnarti ovunque e aiutarti a registrare con qualità professionale ogni volta che arriva l'ispirazione. Con la premiata tecnologia Spire puoi tradurre facilmente le tue idee in registrazioni e i tuoi amici rimarranno stupiti di scoprire che non sono state realizzate in costosi studi professionali.

L'app Spire ti consente anche di controllare e registrare in modalità senza fili con i dispositivi Spire Studio. Edita e mixa alla perfezione, e condividi il tuo lavoro usando l'app Spire.

Con Spire Studio puoi dire addio alle laboriose configurazioni dei vari dispositivi e registrare con un microfono con qualità studio o collegare chitarre, tastiere e altri strumenti. Puoi anche creare il tuo suono originale utilizzando una ricca gamma di effetti creativi, quali ambienti acustici (riverberi, delay) e amplificatori di chitarra/basso.

Scopri di più su

Dimentica le caratteristiche indesiderate come clipping e distorsione: dai chiarezza alla tua musica e ritoccala con una tecnologia premiata.

Visualizza la tua musica e usa semplici tocchi per editare le tue tracce proprio come vuoi che si sentano.

Condividi rapidamente i progetti con i tuoi amici per le collaborazioni o pubblica i tuoi brani finiti per farli ascoltare al mondo.

Esporta rapidamente le tracce verso altre app per ulteriori editing o integra le app di archiviazione nel cloud per accedere ovunque alla tua musica.


Versione 2.64.0

• Spire Pro is now a free upgrade giving you access to pro mic clarity in Soundcheck, creative vocal effects, vocal tuning, and the random effects generator Inspire Me
• Spire Pro beats, automatic noise reduction, and link sharing have been removed. You can still share .spire project files, individual tracks, and mixdowns through Airdrop, file sharing apps, and more. You can also still import your own beats and tracks.
• Various bug fixes and improvements

Valutazioni e recensioni

4,8 su 5
12.151 valutazioni

12.151 valutazioni

Steef S ,

Magic demo machine!

As a songwriter, I’ve always wanted a quick and easy way to demo a new song. Most of the time, I’ve just used my iPad to capture it. And if I had the time— I’d fire up Garage Band. If I really wanted to share to a wider audience, I’d work through it on my Protools setup. But now, Spire helps me make a quick and easy demo in my living room that sounds darned close to a studio version. The more I use it, the better I get and the better I sound. It does feel like a magic little box. The mic check dials in the levels, the effects sound nice and clean and above all it takes me minutes— not hours! My biggest wish would be to improve the ability to punch in to fix a guitar clam. It’s close to impossible so I usually try to get a complete and acceptable take before moving on to vocals. Punching in a vocal isn’t hard because there’s usually a dead space that I can come in on. I hope iZotope is still working on this little gem because it would be great to be able to at least add an easy dissolve to smooth a punch in. But hey, I actually couldn’t be happier with this thing.

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

Hey! Thanks a ton for the review! We couldn't be happier to know that Spire is a magic demo machine for your musical experience. Your suggestion about punching in with guitars has been forwarded along to the rest of the team and we are always working on improving the app (and the Spire Studio). Send us an email at if you have any other thoughts or questions -- thanks again!

MutualMachines ,


I do best when recording solo. This app has allowed me to do so with exceptional quality and it’s so user friendly. The things I would love to see in the future would be: basic effects. I would love to be able to add some basic reverb or chorus effects to eliminate the need to take up precious track space with multiple vocals. Maybe like 3 effects? That’s all you really need. Also, I’ve seen in other recording software a “solo” option meaning I can isolate one track to listen to to find that one later I want to delete without having to individually muting a bunch of tracks to find the one I want to delete. I see you’ve put the option to add an icon to tracks to help distinguish what instrument is featured on each track but that’s not enough when it comes to layering vocals etc. soloing a track would be much quicker. Anyways, great app and great quality! Thanks!

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

Hey MutualMachines! Thanks for this review. We appreciate your suggestions for improvements and seeing as this review was made a while back we would love to hear what you think of how the app has progressed since then. Send us an email to with any feedback or questions. Thanks again!

elijah4444 ,

Terrible execution

It is so surprising to me that this has been out for so long and they still haven't improved basic obvious things. Like, for example, who could think that it's a good idea to have the Spire completely disconnect every time you change apps? And then when it reconnects, it opens a new project instead of going back to the one you were on? And how you can't change effects after recording, or change the volume of certain sections? And how the "crop" function is extremely tedious and limited in its usage? I know the goal is for this program to be super simple, but there's no reason not to also include extra tools that you can use (or not use). If iPhone Garageband could easily connect to the Spire as an interface, I would always use that app instead and would never open this one again. I'm surprised that iZotope, a great company, hasn't improved this app. Also, I hate that they want you to pay for Spire premium. I already paid a ton of money for the Spire, don't ask me to then pay a monthly fee to have your frustrating app be slightly less frustrating. Ridiculous.

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

We appreciate you taking the time to deliver this feedback about your experience with the app and Spire Studio recorder. If you have further feedback or concerns you'd like to have addressed, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer care team at:

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