Starman 4+

Tale of Light

nada studio, sl

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Guide Starman through breathtaking architectural sceneries with delicate atmospheres and elaborate puzzles. Recover the light, and bring life back!

You won't find a single puzzle twice.

Make the most of full screen mode, carefully adapted for the iPhone X.

Immersive experience.
Thanks to haptic feedback and soothing music.

Enjoy starman on the iPad or the iPhone.

This eerie experience has been crafted with love by sergio abril and jacobo abril, two brothers that happen to be architects.


Versión 1.3

Starman's 3rd anniversary update!

- New Animated Stickers for iMessage.
- Performance improvements on older devices.
- Support for new screen sizes.
- A bunch of bug fixes.

Valoraciones y reseñas

4,8 de 5
4,7 mil valoraciones

4,7 mil valoraciones

textomb ,


I loved loved loved this game. Gorgeous, easy controls, great puzzles, good learning curve. This is by far the best game I’ve played in months. Well worth the price. I would easily pay for more levels or a sequel. Please please put out more levels. Highly recommend. I’m just sad it’s over.
EDIT: I hate the added level where you wander. In the regular game, everything was pretty intuitive, but in the bonus level, nothing is. I solved a puzzle (the spinning thing with a crank) without understanding how I’d solved it. It gave me a seed, but it wouldn’t plant anywhere (I tried to plant that thing EVERYWHERE) and now it’s gone after leaving the game in frustration for a day. Nothing about the original levels was like this- it feels slapped together. I was delighted to see this addition, but it just isn’t great.

rradarr ,


It's worth trying out (especially while Apple has it for free in the Apple Store app). But I'm glad I didn't pay for it. Far too many of the puzzles, even those with interesting solutions, require far too much slow, tedious repetitive steps. Some are marred by the need for trial and error (a real nuisance when everything is so slow) and others by the perversity of the programmers (level 4, in particular, requires you to fail the first time, even when it's obvious what to do, then go through far too much tedious back and forth to try again). The level with the swimming pool appears to have some really critical timing (after the pool) -- a very poor choice when the controls are so clunky. After going through all the (far too many) motions to set it up and being about a second too late I gave up on the game. You can't skp levesl and I'd had enough. In my opinion more attention to making the puzzles feel worth doing would have really paid off. And they should just fix level 4 by making the obvious solution work the first time.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

We are sorry you found it repetitive. We did our best to create a reflexive, slow-paced puzzle, where you could enjoy every aspect of the game, and not just play; but we really appreciate your review. Regarding level 4, could you please send us an email to with more details? We'd love to hear your feedback to improve it :)

Chef Momacaroni ,


Am replaying all my favorite games and decided to go for Starman again. Thought I had written a review and was surprised to see I had not. This game deserves the time & attention to do that tho. The puzzles are so intriguing and they make you THINK of how to use the mechanics of the pieces and the mechanics that each new level introduces. As mushy as this sounds I’m also moved by the lonely little “Starman” as he makes his way in this strange new world & as he sits by his fire creating butterflies in the depths of the night. I actually luv the new levels and some required outside the box (no pun intended) thinking which my socially distanced housebound brain sorely needed! Many thanks to NADA for this game. PLEASE make a Starman 2. I’ll be quite happy to place my pre-order!

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