This stopwatch shows time on a digital display as well as on a clock face. It is easy to collect information from the clock face during timing of a task or a test. After the timing has finished, it is convenient to read the precise time from the digital display.

In the center of the clock face, the total number of seconds are shown. This is useful when the total number of seconds are required rather than minutes and seconds, e.g. for psychological assessments.

The stopwatch will count the time even when interrupted by other apps. However, it can be convenient to set the iPhone in "Airplane Mode" when timing a task or a test in order not to be interrupted from phone calls.

The timing is very precise as it is continuously computed as the time elapsed since the timing was started. Thus, there is no accumulation of small timing errors.

There is an option to prevent the display from dimming and locking while the stopwatch is running visible on the display.

No ads will disturb your timing!

A history-log is available as an in-app purchase. Start time and duration of the previous timings are logged (max. 500). Even timings made before the in-app purchase will be available after the purchase. The same in-app purchase also unlocks landscape mode for the stopwatch.


バージョン 1.10

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

1) Corrected bug (state of start-stop button after running timer have been out of memory).
2) Extra value for the in-app purchase: in addition to the history-log, it now also unlocks a landscape-mode for the stopwatch.





Great but button function is odd

Timing starts when you lift your finger off of the button instead if when you first touch it as one would expect.

Tim Moffitt

This is one of the worst apps!!!

I used the timer tonight to try and keep track of my steaks on the grill. When the phone powered down after a couple of minutes and I unlocked the phone, the timer was at 95 minutes. I tried a second time and the timer did the same thing, it showed 95 minutes. At this point I deleted the app and started another timer that actually worked. I don’t remember if this was a paid app or not, it certainly not worth the download time. It almost messed up two 2” filets!!!

Meg The Dog

I use this daily

I am in the media production industry and use this stopwatch daily, many times a day. It is indispensable to me. I’ve also gotten many compliments on the simple but well designed and attractive interface.
Thanks for the latest update.


デベロッパである"Cognisoft ApS"は、プライバシー慣行およびデータの取り扱いについての詳細をAppleに示していません。




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