Total Files è un potentissimo file manager e file organizer integrato con i maggiori provider cloud e con l’app “Files” di iOS 11 che consente di organizzare e gestire i file presenti sul tuo device e sui tuoi account Cloud.

Total Files supporta DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive and iCloud Files ed offre l’integrazione con l’app “Files” di iOS 11. Puoi anche sincronizzare più di un account per ciascun Cloud, in modo da aumentare lo spazio a tua disposizione.

Grazie all’integrazione con l’app “Files” di iOS 11, puoi salvare un qualunque file presente in altre app, semplicemente scegliendo il comando “salva in files” presente nel menu condividi standard di iOS.

Le Cartelle virtuali ti consentono di organizzare e raggruppare virtualmente in un’unica cartella file presenti sul tuo device e sui tuoi account cloud.

L'indicizzazione Spotlight ti consente di trovare immediatamente ciò che cerchi, indicizzando il contenuto dell’archivio in tempo reale.

Il reader PDF integrato offre funzionalità avanzatissime per l’editing: puoi evidenziare paragrafi, scrivere sul file a mano libera e disegnare forme.

Principali caratteristiche:

- Integrazione con l’app “Files” di iOS 11 per tutti i cloud collegati, in modalità lettura/scrittura.
- Supporta Dropbox, GDrive, OneDrive, iCloud
- Ricerca avanzata tra tutti i contenuti dell’archivio, sia locale che sui cloud collegati.
- Compressione (zip) e decompressione (zip & rar) di qualsiasi file
- Reader PDF con possibilità di disegnare direttamente sul file annotazioni, forme e scrittura a mano libera
- Supporta Microsoft Office
- Gestione simultanea di più Cloud accounts e condivisione con altri utenti
- Browser Multi-Tab con Bookmarks e History
- Possibilità di creazione cartelle e sotto-cartelle in archivio
- Funzionalità di protezione cartelle con PIN
- Browser con navigazione in modalità privata


Versione 3.5.3

This is a Major update especially for iPadOS users: we introduced multi windows support so that you can now open two or more windows of Total Files and drag files between them and other apps!

Other new features:
- Thumbnails are now shown for more kind of files
- Added QuickLook support: by selecting a file you can swipe to view the subsequent one. Also you can now draw an images.
- During downloads from cloud, NAS or other sources a placeholder of the file is now shown in his final destination folder with an inline progress
- Performance and bug fixes

Valutazioni e recensioni

4.7 su 5
85,062 valutazioni

85,062 valutazioni

The Rake's Biggest Fan ,

Reliable, But With a Big Problem, Now

I’ve had this app for a while now, and it has been wonderful. It has done all I needed it to do efficiently and effectively. However, as of the update that changed the interface, playlists no longer repeat. If you have a playlist set to loop, it will return to the first song of the playlist, and begin repeating that one song over and over. It is far from the worst thing to happen, but it is inconvenient to need to click back to the beginning for the loop to resume, especially if you are doing something that demands you not turn away to your phone, such as driving, mowing, working with tools, or anything else.
Until they fix this problem, it is difficult for me to recommend this app for music, although it can still be used for that. The app is also good for storing PDFs and other such files. The developers and their app have been reliable and good enough in the past to warrant downloading the app free, first. If you enjoy it, keep it. If you do not, and you haven’t bought it yet, you’re not out anything. I hope to see improvements, designers, I really did like your app.

Josh Menard ,

Love this app! One problem though

I got this app a couple of years ago when I wanted to listen to music. It's been pretty reliable and dependable when you can shuffle and repeat entire playlists you made. This might be a small gripe, but that is what I'm on about; the latest update won't let me repeat an entire playlist, only the song that I just heard. Plus the shuffling of the songs, let's say you pick the last song in the group, when it ends you'd expect it to pick a random song from the list. In this update, the last song on the list is the last song on the list; you need to manually start the playlist over. It's like I said, a menial gripe but I would think other people who use this app would appreciate this small change.

Absurd update ,

Bug that doesnt let downloaded files save to folder

The app has some bug that effects its downloading feature. If a video file has been set on download and if you put mobile on sleep mode or you open other apps ,if the total files app will crash and restart itself as it happens on iphone etc due to less free space many apps crash and restart on their own, in case of total files the file that was put on download will resume its downloading from same spot where app had restarted on its own and will contiue to download but when entire file will be download file wont get saved to folde.r normally when files r fully downloaded the transfers page shows right tick next to downloaded file but in this bugs case which effects when app had restarted itself that file will be fully downloaded and circle will show 100pc but 100pc qont be replaced by tick and file would not be saved to folder and entire data will be lost. Please address this issue.


App Ideas S.r.l.
125.7 MB

Richiede iOS 10.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.


Italiano, Francese, Inglese, Portoghese, Spagnolo, Tedesco

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