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3.8 out of 5
37 Ratings

37 Ratings

Juny_Jams ,

All in one place

The Ultimate Performance app keeps important data together in a way that helps to understand where improvements can be made and where progress has been made during a training program. Understanding what areas have more work that needs to be done using the skinfold tab has been a great help. The app is being improved regularly which is great.

B.Kep ,

Needs Pest Control

When the app is actually functioning it works very well. Unfortunately it’s FULL of bugs. Every single day I experience difficulties trying to use basic functions on the app. From things as simple as trying to upload a picture, to more difficult things like trying to create a recipe, I always run into some problem or another. Also, the feed is pointless along with the my essential tab as well. Neither one seems to update or provide new information, and it genuinely shouldn’t be the landing screen anyways, the daily section should be. Now I’ve run into some weird glitch where it’s telling me that today is Jan 2, 2023 and I can’t update anything or move to the correct week. It feels like this app is actively working against me, which makes an already kind of difficult situation unnecessarily stressful. To be completely honest, for the money clients pay for personal training and everything else, I would really expect this to work better, ESPECIALLY since it feels like the old myfitnesspal from back in the day runs a million times smoother than this brand new app

Evin Samuel ,

Ultimate Performance app

I’m new to the fitness training apps arenas, but I must say I’m impressed. To have access to my before & after photos, the ability to compare progress photos from starting to most recent side by side, along with access to my nutrition targets, training program & body fat measurements all in one app. It’s a one stop shop for fitness enthusiast.

Silverlaker LA ,

All in One

This app puts everything I need in one place. Love that the food tracking is easy to use and has so many options there already. I like being able to add things they don’t have. Is you train with a UP trainer the communication is awesome. I love tracking my process, the measurements, weights, water, steps everything.

Southpaw495 ,

Ultimate Performance App gets the job done!

There are lots of food and macro tracking apps out there, but the Ultimate Performance app allows more data to easily be input that your trainer would find relevant. It’s not just tracking macros, there’s also lifestyle factors to consider. This app allows that data to be easily put in to make my life easier

B_Garcia417 ,

One-Stop-Shop for Success

The Ultimate Performance app allows me to track all of metrics necessary on and off the gym floor to see results. It is more than just a food diary. The app is user-friendly and is exactly the level of accountability I am looking for.

Would recommend!

ChrisCCW 52 ,

Ultimate Performance app

This Ultimate Performance app is amazing! I am able to track my workouts to the greatest detail possible and also track my diet as meticulously as possible. It is a game changer in terms of locking in everything to maximize my results customized to me personally.

Eddie Baruta ,

Ultimate Performance app

Great app for everyone who’s interested in getting in great shape. It has all the tools in one place to make sure the progress is optimal every week.

Highly recommended!

Cookiecalories ,

All Encompassing

The Ultimate Performance app has everything necessary for tracking fitness progress in one convenient place! User friendly app!

c_dreads84 ,

Best App in the game

All your stats, pictures, and tracking in one place. Very user friendly and very fast costumer support.
Highly recommend.