WriterDuet is the new standard for screenwriting. A simple and intuitive interface lets you dive into writing instantly on the go or as you lay in bed and stare at your phone screen (check out dark editor if that's you). While we've focused on ease of use for mobile, we also haven't restricted you from taking advantage of all of the power that WriterDuet has to offer on other platforms. So go wild!

Industry-standard, secure, and intuitive screenwriting software.


• Real-time collaboration between users and devices
• Smart line types and one-touch icons
• Auto-save
• Card outliner
• Export from any point in history
• Offline mode
• Filter by line type or with custom tags
• Scene & Location, Character Reports
• Automatic statistics
• Revision Drafts and Auto-Snapshots


"WriterDuet is the most intuitive, most user-friendly scriptwriting software I’ve ever used.”
– Ed Solomon (Men in Black, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure)

“WriterDuet helped me escape Final Draft. Being web-based gives me the flexibility to write anywhere on any system. And I never have to worry about crashes and lost hours of work ever again. ... I recommend it to every other screenwriter I meet.”
– Christopher Ford (SpiderMan: Homecoming, Robot & Frank)

“The app saves my whole thought process for me. On top of that, these guys are iterating the app so fast, they're running circles around the industry leader. WriterDuet definitely feels like the future.”
– Andy Bobrow (Community, Malcolm in the Middle, Last Man On Earth)

"WriterDuet combines instinct and user-friendliness for a unique and exhilarating way for writers to collaborate, whether in real-time or in non-synchronized work. It has features that are vital for teamwork in scriptwriting. It's a meticulously-created gem, and a must-have for collaborations"
- Jim Uhls (Fight Club)

“Do yourself a favor and use WriterDuet.”
– Alisha Brophy & Scott Miles (Nicholl Fellowship 2014 winners, White Girl Problems)

What’s New

Version 6.0.280

Better performance, fewer bugs, same great taste!

Ratings and Reviews

3.1 out of 5
138 Ratings

138 Ratings

jordansowards ,

Update: NO LONGER Busted as hell on iPad Pro 12.9, BUT STILL WITH ISSUES

Second update in a day: Okay, so I know how to make the problem come back. And this app definitely still needs to be optimized for newer devices like the iPad Pro 12.9 and my iPhone X which is a year and a half old now. If I had gotten into this software two months ago, it might not have been as bad—but knowing that I missed a 1/2 price sale on Pro makes the idea of upgrading much more difficult now.

Update: I’m pretty gobsmacked. Today I opened up the app, and that egregious glitch has just disappeared. I don’t get it—the app hasn’t been updated, I had already tried restarting my iPad several times, and ultimately resorted to buying Final Draft Mobile. Worked in FD all day yesterday, only to discover this lovely surprise waiting for me today.

WriterDuet is excellent on the web, but on my iPad Pro 12.9”, there’s a big, dark gray line across the middle of the app that won’t go away. It almost looks a stray menu bar or something, but it’s just there, covering up your script.

The draw rider game ,

Really bad coding

The one pro here is that the UX and UI are almost perfectly adapted to the desktop version - or, to be more clear, they would be if they worked properly.

Way too many issues with coding. 90% of the times I tap on something to start writing, the top toolbar shifts up above the top of my screen so I can’t select dialog, character, etc. I have to close and reopen the app repeatedly to get it to let me write more than a line at a time. Half the time the cursor isn’t visible so you don’t know where your new text will show up. Also about half the time, I open a script and it’s not all there. And sometimes I start typing and the new letters overlap existing letters and I can’t read what I’m writing. Frankly I’m surprised Apple allowed such a poorly-working app into the app store. I keep checking for a fix but there never is one. Fingers crossed one comes soon...

Edit: I realize that the app makers are not a charity and they’re looking for revenue. And being a free member, I almost feel like I shouldn’t be complaining. But I’m not in a position to add another subscription right now and I sure wouldn’t pay for an app that barely works. I hope it doesn’t work better for paid users than unpaid. But I’m sure more people would subscribe if the app worked properly and users didn’t need to constantly restart the app and/or their phones in the futile hope it will make the app work.

screenplayer ,

I'm a Fan

This app is pretty new so maybe Im just an early adopter... but after a week of working with the desktop version I was sold.

Upgraded to Pro for one year, plan to go lifetime if it becomes my go to app for writing over fdx which at this point i think it will.

This is google docs for screenwriters, but its a lot more than that. The UI is clean. The format key commands (which mirror fdx) integrate into the on-line script is really intuitive. The digital page itself feels more pulpy to me than final draft somehow, not sure why but I feel more like I am typing onto a real page. So i like the base level interface. But then on top of that its got a bunch of helpful features...

Organization. I no longer have to worry about whos working with what version, did I email my collaborator the right file, or accidentally open an earlier saved version of a script that now has some changes in it but is missing others...

Communication. Multiple modes for secure messaging, sharing notes, integrating external links for references or research, it all works.

Collaboration. I like how it presents any changes made by my collaborator to me in red then lets them fade to black so they integrate into the whole. Thats just one example of how it helps make the collaboration process smoother.

Class. From the tone if the developer's emails to the look of the UI, it feels like you're dealing with talented professionals.

Well done and please keep up the good work!



WriterDuet Inc.
82.6 MB

Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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