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La mejor aplicación de correo electrónico para organizar fácilmente tus cuentas de Gmail, Outlook, AOL y Yahoo. Independientemente del correo electrónico que uses, puedes disfrutar del atractivo diseño, la sencilla interfaz y la superveloz aplicación de Yahoo Mail. Además, Yahoo Mail te ofrece 1000 GB de almacenamiento gratuito en la nube, por lo que ya no tendrás que volver a preocuparte por el espacio.

- REGÍSTRATE CON CUALQUIER CUENTA: es compatible con direcciones de correo electrónico que no sean de Yahoo como Gmail, Outlook y AOL. No necesitas un correo electrónico de Yahoo.

-PERSONALIZA TUS DESLIZAMIENTOS: elige diferentes acciones como eliminar mensajes, archivarlos, moverlos y mucho más cuando deslizas el dedo a la izquierda o a la derecha.

- RECIBE NOTIFICACIONES SOLO DE PERSONAS: recibe notificaciones solo cuando recibas un correo electrónico nuevo de una persona y evita mensajes de empresas o boletines informativos.

-REALIZA BÚSQUEDAS RÁPIDAS: realiza búsquedas más rápido que nunca en todos tus mensajes, contactos, archivos y fotos.

- DALE RIENDA SUELTA A TU CREATIVIDAD: haz que tus correos electrónicos se destaquen con fotos animadas y fondos diseñados por artistas de Paperless Post.

- ENVÍA MÚLTIPLES ARCHIVOS ADJUNTOS: adjunta fácilmente fotos, videos y documentos a un correo electrónico, todo al mismo tiempo.

- NO PIERDAS NUNCA UN CORREO ELECTRÓNICO: guarda todos tus correos electrónicos en los 1000 GB de espacio gratuito en la nube.

- ELIGE UN TEMA: selecciona diferentes fondos y colores de texto para tu bandeja de entrada de Yahoo.

- DESHAZTE DE LAS CONTRASEÑAS: habilita la clave de cuenta para iniciar sesión de forma segura sin contraseñas.

- CONECTA GOOGLE DRIVE Y DROPBOX: accede fácilmente y envía fotos y documentos que tengas almacenados en la nube.

- Para disfrutar de todas las novedades, actualiza tu dispositivo a iOS10.
- Optimizado para usarse con VoiceOver.
- Yahoo no ofrece un servicio de correo electrónico suizo local.


Versión 4.46

¡Actualizamos la aplicación con frecuencia para hacer que tu experiencia de correo electrónico sea la mejor posible! Este lanzamiento incluye corrección de errores y mejoras de estabilidad.

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.6 de 5
2 M valoraciones

2 M valoraciones

MABasenjis ,

I have Yahoo! basic were I don’t pay anything for it

The only thing I don’t like about this and the reason I give it only two stars is not only do I get advertisements at the top of my email inbox but sometimes I get spam emails in my inbox instead of going into my spam folder and when I ask Yahoo! about this they tell me to upgrade to where I have to pay $.99 so I won’t get those spam emails or the ads up at the top of my email inbox that’s another annoying thing if it’s free then you shouldn’t have to pay anything to have the ad removed if you say you just like the ad you shouldn’t have to pay anything for an email service unless it’s a business account and you have a lot of other features and with me I just go ahead and send emails every once in a while and this is the same account as I’ve had for about five or six years since I opened my email address account and that’s my opinion of Yahoo! basic if I don’t want the ad they say it’s called the Yahoo! pro program and I don’t want to pay that because when I signed up for Yahoo! basic I was looking for a free and non- ad based email and that’s what Yahoo! was I know they have do you have to use Yahoo! pro if you don’t want the advertisements at the top why should you have to pay if it’s a free service for no advertisements why is it deleting enough

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Hello, just to be clear! If you upgrade to Yahoo Mail pro it'll just eliminate the Sponsor Ads at the top of your Inbox. For spam in your inbox, you'll need to unsubscribe or mark as spam. Spam email is not part of Yahoo Mail pro. Hope this helps!

Daman M ,

No Setting For Notification Sounds

Deleted app finally. I linked yahoo mail through gmail. I highly recommend. More flaws to report with yahoo app. I am using an iPhone X. Mail would disappear from the inbox if I clicked on a new mail notification. Would take hours to appear back. If I used the search to find an old email it would find the email and when I click on it the email it would just load and load an nothing would appear. I finally had to forward the email to gmail so I could view it. Also why should one have to pay to remove annoying ads which aren’t even applicable to what I am interested in. Worst app ever.

Minus one star for not being able to change sounds for incoming & outgoing mail. If you have an iPhone you are stuck with the generic default notification and can’t change it at all in the settings of the app or in the settings for the iPhone. Second minus star that they show irrelevant ads in the top of the inbox. I don’t want to pay a dollar a month to get rid of it. If you want people to use your app rather than the default mail setting in the iPhone then get rid of that like gmail and outlook have in their free versions.

Update to the developer’s reply. That is untrue. Both the Outlook and Google mail apps. let you change sound notifications within the “settings” of the widget themselves and not in the actual Apple settings.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Hello, unfortunately we do not control the notification sounds. That is controlled by your device aka Apple. Most apps don't allow you to change the sound. We are definitely working with Apple to hopefully get this changed. **Thanks for the additional info. We will share this with the team and see what we can do!

Tmprmntl13 ,

It gets email!

Outside of retrieving email, this app is not very user friendly. The Apple email app, which is already present and cannot be deleted, is equally as good, if not better. Or there are other apps like gmail that are cleaner and easier to use, even with yahoo accounts.
After the initial review (above), Yahoo contacted me to ask me to tell them how to make their product better. I will try to put this into perspective. The Yahoo app is like a stiff version of Apple mail. Things are placed awkwardly and do not function smoothly or easily. And when I set up an account, my first attempt didn't go as I wanted it to. So I set up a second, duplicate account, thinking I could delete the first. But the app will only allow me to delete the correct account. The incorrect one does not show under Manage Accounts. The only way I can see to eliminate it is to kill the app and start over.
As stated previously, my review is that until Yahoo does their own homework, there are better apps to handle your email. I recommend trying a side-by-side comparison with this app, the Apple app and the Gmail app. Then you can make up your own mind. I would lay odds that the Yahoo app is your first delete.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Hi there, can you give us more info on what is not user-friendly? We'd like you to elaborate so we can help you or try and improve the app. This doesn't really help us. Thank you so much! **Thanks! We're not asking your to make our app better, but simply asking for more info so we can look to improve our app. We're happy to help you further because we are very proud of our 4+ star app. Please feel free to email us! (


Yahoo Mail Pro (Monthly)
Go ad-free & get priority customer support


Yahoo! Inc.
193.3 MB

Requiere iOS 11.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Español, Alemán, Bengalí, Búlgaro, Canarés, Catalán, Checo, Chino simplificado, Chino tradicional, Coreano, Croata, Danés, Eslovaco, Esloveno, Estonio, Filipino, Finés, Francés, Griego, Gujarati, Hebreo, Hindi, Húngaro, Indonesio, Inglés, Irlandés, Italiano, Japonés, Letón, Lituano, Malayalam, Malayo, Maratí, Neerlandés, Noruego bokmål, Polaco, Portugués, Rumano, Ruso, Serbio, Sueco, Tailandés, Tamil, Telugu, Turco, Ucraniano, Urdu, Vietnamita, Árabe

Clasificación 4+
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