Ate is the fastest & easiest food journal ever.
It only takes 3 taps to save a meal. Really!

What can you do with Ate?
- Quickly track meals via photos.
- Understand your current eating habits and feelings.
- Experiment with new habits, to see what works for you.
- Build sustainable healthy behaviors for lasting change.
- Automatically track your fasting (IF 16/8).
- Stay accountable via friends or your coach.
- Share your day on Social media, if you are into that thing.

What it’s not?
- We try to make it as non-judgemental as possible.
- We don’t track calories. Ever!
- It’s not a magic pill. There is NO magic pill!

Say goodbye to mindless eating and become a better version of yourself with Ate!

Don’t wait, start food journaling today with the #1 Photo Food Journal!

Why? With all the distractions and stress that is present in our lives, it's no surprise that many of us end up eating mindlessly. We end up forgetting what and why we truly are eating. We just simply turn to food, shovel it down and move on.

The impact of this behavior on our health is both physical and emotional. Getting us into a loop where we find ourselves digging a deeper hole to health problems. We try diets and other quick fixes, but all they do for us, in the long run, is cause us to be even more stressed and frustrated.

That is why we built Ate, the mindful food diary that is thoughtfully designed to help you be more self-aware of your eating habits, behaviors, and feelings. All done without ever judging you or making you feel bad.

An easy to use food diary built around positive reinforcement. Something that easily fits into your life and you will enjoy using. A tool to help you discover behaviors that are taking you forward, and turn them into healthy habits. While suggesting you new behaviors to replace the other behaviors that would have taken you in the wrong direction.

We worked with health professionals around the world and built the app on journaling techniques that have been proven over decades.

This food diary app is not about crash diets or restrictive living by calorie counting. It’s about building a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. A better version of yourself one small habit at a time. Something that you can easily maintain and enjoy in the long run.

Remember, HEALTH IS PHYSICAL, MENTAL & EMOTIONAL. Make sure you focus on all three and you will discover your true potential!

Download the Ate Food Diary today and start on your new path!

Premium Subscription
Ate’s core features are free to use and will stay free. We do offer a premium membership that will unlock features such as custom Q&As, liquid and activity tracking, the ability to share your profile via the web and to reuse your favorite photos when saving a meal. You can sign up for monthly, quarterly and yearly auto-renewing plans.

Premium Features list
● Customizable quick answer sets for more personalized tracking
● Customizable Experiments and Look back option.
● Water, coffee, juice, & other liquid tracker
● Customizable mood & feelings tracker
● Activity tracker
● Sync with Apple Health (Activity & Water)
● Anytime notes
● Favorites to reuse meal photos
● Timeline/Profile web sharing (read-only)

Processing of a subscription is handled by Apple. Your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account when you confirm your purchase. Subscription renews automatically at the same price unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription term. You can manage subscriptions in Account Settings in iTunes after purchase. Refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the subscription term.

Read our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy at

What’s New

Version 2.0.1

Experiment with what works for you!

We are replacing guidelines with fun mindful EXPERIMENTS! These are short-term changes you can make in your eating behaviors and lifestyle to see what impact it has on how you feel.

We talked to experts around the world to see what advice they give to their clients as they help them make long-term improvements in their health.

These experiments are based on these proven techniques that work for many, but not all. We are all different. There is no single solution that works for everyone. So give them a try, stay On-path with it for ~80% of the time and see how it feels.

Once you feel like you are done with it, reflect on how it made you feel. If it didn’t work for you, move on to the next one. If you feel better, take some of the learnings and try to incorporate it into your everyday life.

It’s all about self-discovery and learning more about yourself.

If you don't want to try one, just tap on Simple Journaling and continue like before!

What else can you do with experiments?
Take a look at the new current experiment view under your profile. It’s a good way to look back and see what and how you ate that worked for you. We also added a view under settings where you can look back on all your previous experiments. It’s a good way to look back on previous choices that made you feel great!

Of course the core app hasn’t changed. We are still the easiest, most intuitive and fastest food journaling app available.

Ate is mindful, non-judgmental and designed to help anyone in finding the path that works best for them to reach their healthy lifestyle goals.

If you have any suggestions on how to make it even more effective, please chat with us from the app or drop us an email at hello @

>> If you love the app, please help spread the joy by giving us a 5-star review. It really helps us get this mindful food diary to more people. Thanks!<<

Have a mindful day and keep journaling!

Esther, Tom and the Ate team


Some recent updates:
- Visual notifications from friends to see what they ate
- Customizable Question/Answer sets (Premium)
- Feelings Tracking (Premium)
- 7-day Free Trial of our Premium subscription
- Advanced notification settings
- Advanced “Share your Day” options
- Apple Health sync for Water and Activities (Premium)

Message from the team:
We were recently featured by Apple in various countries around the world in their “Apps We Love” category and as the top recommended Food Diary in the Today section. This would have never happened without your amazing feedback. Thank you!

Your feedback is helping us make Ate the best and easiest to use food diary that can truly help all of us become a better version of ourselves. Even we are surprised what a positive impact changing your eating habits can have on your overall lifestyle.

Your stories are keeping us motivated. It’s great to hear from so many of you how Ate has changed your life for the better. We are happy to have the opportunity to build you this app and plan to keep making it better for an even bigger impact.

Big THANK YOU to all our Premium subscribers who are supporting us and enabling us to stay away from an ad supported business model. Privacy is very important for us and sharing your data for ad revenue is not an option in our eyes.

Keep the feedback and stories coming!

Again, Have a mindful day!

Esther, Tom and the Ate team

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- Web:
- Our blog:
We are the #1 Photo Food Journal in the US! :)

Ratings and Reviews

4.8 out of 5
2.4K Ratings

2.4K Ratings

foxesnoxes ,

Most useful and efficient food tracking

I’ve tried myfitnesspal calorie counting, daily photo journals, and also just writing out the food but the interface of this app is aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing as well as directed. The option to chose “off path” or “on path” with the reminder of what your current goal is at the top of the screen is brilliantly simple and helps me to minimize obsessive food thoughts like “I ate so bad I’m so fat” or “i ate an apple today so that makes up for the ice cream and chips and cookies I ate the rest of the day” etc etc. It even lets you make a collage of your food pictures at the end of the day, which is a perfect way to visualize what you’re putting into your body. Oh, and you can track calories in the comments under your picture but you can also track where you ate, if you ate alone or with people, why you ate, and how it made you feel which is a genius way to help people make the lifestyle change into eating healthier (instead of forcing yourself to eat ‘healthy’ foods you despise you can focus on the healthy foods you adore). I’ve been searching for an app like this for years and I’m very happy I’ve finally come across it. I hope to use it for a while, and I really appreciate that it’s a free app with no ads. Hands down my favorite health app.

Developer Response ,

Thanks. Happy to hear that it's working out for you and that it made your favorite health app list. Enjoy your path!

Amber Waves Hello ,

So far, so good!

I’ve been using ate for about a week, and there are several things I love about it:
1. Flexibility. The app allows me to define my own goal, how I want to try to achieve it, and which factors I want to track.
2. Ease. Tracking calories is tedious, especially if you cook a lot of your own food, and it can be impossible when you eat out. And really, I know when I’m making healthy choices and when I’m not. With ate, all I have to do is take a quick photo (only momentarily awkward over lunch with colleagues) and follow up later to answer a few questions about it.
3. Positivity. The app encourages me to think about how I make choices about food and how those choices make me feel, rather than focusing solely on calories or weight goals. This seems more sustainable — if I feel better today because I ate better, I’m likely to continue eating better, instead of giving up because I’m discouraged by my slowly changing body. I also like that the app subtly encourages me to aim to be 70% to 90% on track, as a reminder not to get down on myself for occasional treats.
4. Graphs! I love data. And since I tend to compartmentalize poor dietary choices from meal to meal and day to day, it’s exactly what I need to give myself perspective on how I’m doing overall, not just today.

Bet @ Bet On Dinner ,

Exactly what I was looking for!

I love this app! I wanted a food diary thing, but don’t want to track calories or even type in every teaspoon of oil I use to cook my dinner. I love that I can quickly type something in, and the photo aspect is unexpectedly great! It’s quick to snap a picture and it motivates me to add things like fruit and vegetables to my plate since I’m visually more apt to notice that I’m skipping them and just eating a sandwich or a piece of toast. I also like the freedom to change what is “on path” for me - since it’s not specific to one type of eating. I really love the little arrow that encourages me to make a healthier choice for my next meal if I do go off path - it’s not judgy and unlike other things I’ve tried, I don’t tend to feel like I’ve “ruined” a day with one meal or food, so I’m more likely to just move on and eat something that is better for me at the next meal rather than derail and start again the next day (or week or whatever!). Thanks for such a helpful tool!

Developer Response ,

Thank you so much! Appreciate the kind words. Photos do make a huge difference. When you add notes to your meal, you can also dictate it which makes it super easy to add some quick description of the meal and any other thoughts you feel like sharing. To dictate, just hit the little microphone icon on the keyboard. Enjoy your path!


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120.5 MB

Requires iOS 10.0 and watchOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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  2. Food Diary Premium - Quarterly $11.99
  3. Food Diary Premium - Yearly $34.99


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    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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