3 Apps + 15 Minutes = Stronger Abs

Follow this workout math to get shredded. Tap to start.

If you want a stronger core and whip-off-your-shirt confidence for the summer, all you need is an iPhone and 15 minutes. These apps will take care of the rest.

Nike’s apps are about more than just buying sneakers.

Nike Training Club

Core appeal: Browse by muscle group to find eight workouts waiting for you in the Get Leaner Stronger Abs section.
Try this workout: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Quick-Hit Abs—15 minutes of gut-busting, ab-burning, core-crunching intensity. You may not look like Portugal’s star striker right away, but it’s a start.

    Nike Training Club

    workouts & fitness guidance

The best use of seven minutes you’ll have all day.


Core appeal: Start by choosing either a male or female trainer and entering your skill level. From there you’ll customize workouts to suit a goal: to get strong (the app promises "insane abs"), get fit, or lose weight. All in, yes, seven minutes.
Try this workout: The original. It’s geared toward full-body health, with exercises (from planks and crunches to push-ups with rotation and wall sits) that'll carve up your abs.

    7 Minute Workout - Seven

    Quick Bodyweight Workouts

If your upper body looks like this, you should make your own fitness app.


Core appeal: This app recommends your next workout based on age, weight, fitness level, time available, and equipment (if any) at hand. If you don't have a barbell and medicine ball, you’ll get a bunch of gut-busting body-weight exercises.
Try this workout: Abs, Arms & Cardio. No false advertising here: Three rounds of 400-meter runs, 14 med ball V-ups, and 10 hand-release push-ups. You’ll suffer, but you’ll feel like a hero when it’s over.

    Keelo - Strength HIIT Workouts

    Functional Fitness Training