5 Apps We Love Right Now

Perfect your jump shot, create a 3D floor plan for your next renovation project, and never forget someone’s name with this week’s picks.


‣ This cutting-edge app uses artificial intelligence and your iPhone or iPad's camera to track your performance on the basketball court. In addition to tallying the shots you make and miss, HomeCourt provides detailed analysis and feedback, including release angles, the speed of the ball as it leaves your fingertips, and more. Miraculously, no additional equipment is needed to pull this off.

    HomeCourt - The Basketball App



ET Live

‣ If you’re the kind of person who lives for all things Hollywood, the new Entertainment Tonight app will keep you starry-eyed. It streams 24/7 live and on-demand videos on the latest news about movies, TV, celebrities, fashion, and more. You can also relive your favorite moments with thousands of videos from the ET archives.

    ET Live – Entertainment News

    Watch Celebrity News 24/7


Live Home 3D

Live Home 3D brings world-class home design tools to your iPhone and iPad. Powerful enough for professional designers to visualize their work but intuitive enough for homeowners undertaking a small renovation project, Live Home 3D allows anyone to create 2D floor plans—and to see them in a 3D or augmented reality walk-through.

    Live Home 3D - Interior Design

    Floor plan and home design app


Name Skillz

‣ We’ve all been there: Someone greets you by name, but you blank on theirs. If only you had a technique for remembering! Well, forget no more. Name Skillz teaches a sure-fire mnemonic way to remember names: Identify a distinguishing feature of the person and connect that with a wacky image related to their name. (So to remember “Karen,” you might picture a carrot coming out of her curly red hair.) Flash cards teach imagery to associate with the 200 most common names. (Our favorite pairing: “Elizabeth” and “lizard breath.”)

    Name Skillz: Remember Names

    Sales, Social Skills & Events


Little Nugget

Sigh. They grow up quickly! Highlight your baby’s milestones with Little Nugget. The app lets you create a private photo feed devoted to your kid. Annotate your pictures with captions (“First Thanksgiving!” or “I Smiled Today”) and fun stickers to make a timeline of their most precious moments.

    Little Nugget: Baby Milestones

    Baby Pics App & Photo Editor


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