Games for Nongamers

Get rich, build mansions, and bounce off walls—no experience necessary.

Need a break from intense action games? Sometimes you just want to melt into a relaxing experience that’s as soothing as it is simple.

Guide cute critters on an endless climb, craft a financial empire from your home office, or help your parents build their dream house. This batch of easy games offers something for everyone.

Bouncing between Wall Kicker’s beams is parkour bliss. Just don’t look down!

Leaping lunacy

Wall Kickers is full of character—and characters. Whether you’re a cute monkey, deft ninja, or steely robot, your goal in this infinite climber is the same: Go as high as possible without taking a tumble.

Your hero ascends by springing back and forth between walls. Tap to make your wee alter ego jump—the longer you hold down, the higher you’ll leap—and tap again midleap to reverse direction.

This breezy design offers surprisingly varied gameplay. Some walls are spiky, some bouncy; some crumble to dust a couple of seconds after you land on them. You’ll earn coins for your efforts, which can unlock new characters and worlds. A cat backflipping between volcanoes? Purr-fect!

    Wall Kickers

    Wall jump to the top!

Bitcoin Billionaire piles quirky humor atop stacks of imaginary dough.

Crypto tycoon

Cryptocurrencies have certainly had their ups and downs over the years. And even if you haven’t made a killing in the real world, Bitcoin Billionaire will have you rolling in virtual cash.

Tap the screen to make your avatar type on their keyboard, mining bitcoins with every touch. Rack up riches to then invest in all kinds of wild stuff—collectible toys, esports leagues, even hoverboards. The more you spend, the more you make.

Like any good investment, Bitcoin Billionaire keeps on generating virtual money even when you’re not playing. But there’s so much to do here—from adopting a dragon to traveling through time—that you might never set it aside.

    Bitcoin Billionaire

    The Get Rich Idle Clicker!

Power-ups like the rainbow ball (which instantly clears one color) add lots of spark to Homescape’s puzzles.

Home sweetest home

Most parents would have mixed emotions about their adult child moving back in. But when you have a son like Austin—a former butler who only wants to fix up his folks’ dilapidated house—it’s a dream come true.

Homescapes is an irresistibly charming blend of a match-three puzzler and a home-design game. Complete puzzle levels to turn Austin loose on renovation projects like installing new floors and nicer wallpaper, and even building a reading nook for Dad. You choose the patterns, colors, furniture, and more.

With plenty of gameplay variety and a plethora of power-ups, the match-3 puzzles are tons of fun on their own. Helping Austin make his mom and dad happy is the icing on the cake—or maybe the crown molding on the ceiling.


    Your home is your puzzle