How to Game Pokémon GO

Tips for leveling up faster.

Pokémon GO

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They’re out there. Hundreds of different Pokémon. Hiding in bushes. Outside your favorite burrito bar. Maybe even right behind you?

Like any other self-respecting Pokémon GO player, you launch a trusty Poké Ball. Sure, you want that Pokémon in your collection, but you also want the experience points.

Why is gaining experience so important? It levels you up. At higher levels, you get cool stuff like Ultra Balls, you can find stronger Pokémon in the wild, and you can power up your Pokémon even more. So to make sure you're as strong as you can be for raid battles and taking over gyms, follow these tips:

1. Wait to Evolve

Are you the proud owner of a Lucky Egg? It boosts experience gain for 30 minutes. Use it effectively by waiting to evolve Pokémon until it’s active.

2. Throw a curveball

When a Pokémon appears, circle your finger over a Poké Ball to spin it. Then pitch the ball at an angle for a bonus on every catch.

3. Thread the needle

See that colorful ring around Pokémon you find in the wild? Land your throw directly inside it to speed up your leveling.

4. Don’t break your streak

Collect from at least one Pokéstop and catch at least one Pokémon for seven days straight, and you’ll get big bonuses. Miss one, and the streak breaks—so stick with it and reap the rewards.

    Pokémon GO

    Discover Pokémon worldwide