Edit Images Faster With Photo Extensions

Tap for the easiest way to access your favorite filters and editing tools.

A good photo-editing app can turn a simple image into a spectacular one—but sometimes you need more than a single app to pull it off. For example, you might want to remove an object in the background with TouchRetouch and then apply your favorite filter with Afterlight 2.

Fortunately, there’s a fast way to do this without a lot of tapping: photo extensions.

To access photo extensions, select an image in the Photos app, then tap the Edit button in the top right corner. In the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen, tap the More button (a circle with three dots inside).

All apps on your device that support photo extensions will now appear. Tap each one to access its tools without having to leave the Photos app.

Pro tip: You can change the order of your photo extensions so the ones you use most often appear first. Just tap and hold an icon, then drag it wherever you like.

Not all image-editing apps support photo extensions, but many do. Here are some of our favorites: