Trade Pokémon With Friends

Pokémon GO has changed in exciting ways.

Pokémon GO

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Pokémon GO has always been about community. Back in the day, you’d nod knowingly at other players on the sidewalk as they flicked at their screens. You joined groups battling for Gyms. And you came together to swap stories of miraculous catches.

As tight-knit as this network may have been, there was one thing you couldn’t do with other players: trade.

At last, all that has changed. You can now swap Pokémon—albeit with a few restrictions. Let’s go over the rules.

Trade locally

Trading only works with people who are nearby. If you’re in Los Angeles, you can’t initiate a swap with someone in Tokyo. So keep your friends close and your Pokémon trainers closer.

Need a Legendary Pokémon? Now you can trade for one.

Stay among friends

Want to trade for a Legendary Pokémon? You and your trading partner need to be on each other’s friend list, and you’ll have to boost your shared level to Good Friend. Only then can you swap for that fearsome Moltres you were never able to find on your own. High fives all around.

Fill your friends list and play together for the best benefits.

Get a bonus

The obvious benefit of trading is getting the exact Pokémon you want. But with every trade, you also get candy, an important resource for evolving and powering up Pokémon.

Pokémon with origin points that are farther away earn even more candy. So if you bring a Squirtle from Munich to trade with a friend in Mexico City, you’ll reap extra rewards. Plan your vacation days accordingly.

You now have more ways than ever to fill out your Pokédex.

Necessary limits

Look, if there were no trading restrictions, it’d be utter chaos. So Niantic put a limit on daily trades, and you get one new Pokédex entry per day. No, you can’t immediately go out and fill every empty Pokédex slot.

No takebacks

One more important detail: Traded Pokémon cannot be traded back. Impulse swaps are not your friend. Once you trade away that Pikachu in a party hat, it’s gone forever.