Catch Up With a Classic: Lara Croft GO

Find out why this superb strategy game is still a treasure.

Lara Croft GO

Breathtaking Puzzle Adventure


Best known for white-knuckle feats of derring-do, the world’s most famous tomb raider backs up her brawn with brains in Lara Croft GO.

Think before you swipe: One false move and it’s curtains for Lara.

This sophisticated puzzle game gets to the heart of what you want from a Lara Croft adventure—enemies to thwart, ledges to leap, and treasure to find—while wrapping it in a fresh strategy package.

Here’s why Ms. Croft’s craftiest game is still worth exploring.

Know where to go and even giant salamanders won’t stand a chance.

It’s simply strategic

This turn-based puzzle game is all about timing. Each level is a three-dimensional board game. Swipe to move Lara from space to space while contending with classic Tomb Raider staples like pressure plates, curious levers, and whirring saw blades.

Giant spiders scuttle along a fixed path, forcing you to carefully time your advances. Snakes lie in wait, coiled and ready to strike. Thinking ahead is the only way to survive.

New switches, weapons, and mechanics are added frequently.

It doesn’t sit still

Just when you think you’ve got Lara Croft GO all figured out, brand-new mechanics backflip into the game. (Thought you knew how to scale a pillar? Suddenly it’s movable and can be used to crush enemies.) The game’s initial 40 levels keep you guessing—and they’ve only grown since launch. The Cave of Fire expansion brought 26 new levels, while the Mirror of Spirits added 25. A tomb raider’s work is never done.

It’s loaded with secrets

Even an adroit treasure hunter needs a spotter. Collectibles are tucked away in tiny nooks, peeking out from behind foliage or sitting on ledges beyond your reach. New sets of gems and artifacts have been added over the years, as well as a few fancy costumes for Lara. Even a spelunking archaeologist needs a change of clothes.

Players with an eye for shiny things are rewarded with bonus items.

Like its enduring heroine, Lara Croft GO’s creative puzzle-solving has served it well. This is more than just a thoughtful reworking of one of gaming’s greatest franchises: It’s a genuine treasure in its own right.

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