Games for Nongamers

Painting, mini-golf, and monstrous mayhem—the fun starts here.

Life’s about simple pleasures: painting pictures, shooting a few rounds of mini-golf, and smashing cities. Maybe that last one isn’t so simple—but these three games certainly are.

Curl into a ball, career through the streets, and crash with maximum impact. That’s Kaiju Rush!

Monster mash

‣ You know the thrill of cannonballing into a pool? That’s what playing Kaiju Rush is like, except the pool is an endlessly destructible cityscape.

Launch yourself into the air (you play as a freakish behemoth), then try to bounce across the city as far as possible. Tap the screen at the right time to keep up your monster’s momentum, ensuring maximum smashing.

Travel far enough and you’ll unlock radiation that lets you upgrade your creature’s power and speed. And you have a monstrous roster to choose from—including a giant gorilla and a gross pile o’ goo.

    Kaiju Rush

    Smash cities with one finger

In Simile, imitation isn’t about flattery—it’s the key to peaceful, absorbing gameplay.

Finger painting

Simile lets anyone paint a masterpiece. Instead of looking at the bigger picture, the game zooms in on small portions of it, challenging you to replicate a reference image. Pick from a palette of colors, then paint with your fingers. Complete a square and you’ll move on to the next section, gradually connecting them into a larger gallery-worthy piece.

There’s no need to be a solo artist either. Friends can join your session and help out. Simile is extremely relaxing, but if you feel a competitive itch, load up the Arcade mode and paint under a timed challenge.

    Simile - Paint Like a Master

    Painting Game with Grid Method

Transporters, conveyor belts, barriers—Nano Golf: Hole in One’s courses always have something that can tank your perfect shot.

Course correct

‣ Think you’re good at mini-golf? Hope your aim is true, because perfection is the name of the game in Nano Golf: Hole in One. Swipe to aim, and let go to shoot. Sink your putt and it’s on to the next one, but fail to get a hole in one and you’ll have to start a new run.

All sorts of obstacles stand in your way—sand traps, heat traps, and even giant fists that punch your ball across a level. With pleasing pixelated graphics and a seemingly endless number of holes, it’s well over par.

    Nano Golf: Hole In One

    Endless Puzzle Putting