Get Started With Darkroom

Darkroom: Photo & Video Editor

Pro Editing, AI&Preset Filters


With its easy-to-use interface and powerful pro-grade tools, Darkroom is a photo-editing app that helps you make stunning improvements to any image, whether it’s a Portrait mode shot, Live Photo, or regular JPEG.

And with its new iPad app and existing iPhone app, Darkroom frees you to create beautiful images no matter which device you’ve got with you.

If you’re a beginner who wants to look like a pro, try these photo-editing features and tools.

Filter with precision

Darkroom offers elegant filters for a range of image types (landscapes, portraits) and styles (black and white, duotone, instant). Tap once on a filter to preview it, then again to adjust the intensity. Moving the slider left results in a more subtle effect.

Use one of the app’s preset features—or create your own.

Get things straight

Darkroom’s crop tools are on the far left of the editing toolbar. Use them to correct horizontal and vertical perspective, rotate an image ever so slightly (fine controls go to a hundredth of a degree), and flip an image.

Drag the slider of dotted lines left and right to tilt your image—if there’s a horizon, make sure it’s level. Then tap Aspect Ratio to crop your image in different formats. Try 2.35:1 for a cinematic horizontal crop, or 4:5 or 5:4 for your social media feed.

It’s like the last scene of a movie where you’re driving off into the sunset, all thanks to the aspect ratio.

Fine-tune the tone

Tap the Adjustments tool (the icon with three horizontal lines and circles) to bring up a bevy of sliders to adjust contrast, shadows, saturation, vibrance, sharpness, and more.

You can also make nuanced color adjustments with the Curves tool (the icon with a wavy line inside a box) by zeroing in on specific ranges of red, green, blue, and black.

Not sure how to work these controls? Don’t be intimidated. Just play around until you stumble on something you like!

All those sliders pull out the detail in your image.

Add a color-coordinated frame

Use the Frame tool to add a complementary border to your image. It’s easy. Like, really easy.

That matching frame should light up the likes on social.

Pick a color, then experiment with different border widths and configurations—a handsome touch for your perfectly edited photo.