6 Ways to Boost Your Tinder Profile

Check out these pro tips straight from the Tinder team.

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Every day, Tinder sees around 2 billion swipes in 190 countries. Every day, people! That means that even if your first match doesn’t quite work/flames out completely, you stand a pretty solid chance of finding a second one. (And hopefully you get a funny story out of the deal.)

Still, it never hurts to maximize your swipe-related chances—and to help you find some, we’ve gone right to the source. Here are a few simple and effective tactics straight from Tinder’s own research team.

Ditch the shades

Sunglasses may look cool, but Tinder says they ding your chances of a swipe-right. Make sure your photos show you looking straight ahead and with your face clear—you can don the shades later when you’re out for a romantic walk.

Go bold

Bright is the new black: Tinder says users who wear bold colors in their profile pics have a higher match rate than those clad in neutrals.

Swipe on Sundays

Activity in the Tinder app spikes on Sunday afternoons. Dive in during this peak time for quicker responses and more matches.

Put your best pic forward

Not sure which profile pic is the best? Help lies in the romantic world of…data science. Tinder’s Smart Photos feature continuously tests different profile photos and automatically leads with the one most likely to get a swipe-right. Just toggle on “Smart Photos” under Photo Options when adding or removing photos to your profile and let science handle the rest!

Get happy

This is just common sense: Look happy and approachable! Let everyone know how much fun you are to hang out with.

Be your own biographer

Don’t underestimate the power of the written word. Users who add a bio get significantly more swipe-rights than those who don’t. Be creative, funny, or straightforward—most important, just be you.

    Tinder - Dating New People

    Chat, Date & Make New Friends