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With more than 185 free workout videos, Nike Training Club has something for everyone of every fitness level. So typically the hardest part of diving into the app has been figuring out where to start.

The new Breakthrough Challenge—a four-week, 20-workout program—solves that. It’s a wide-ranging sampler of what Nike Training Club is all about—and it’s unlike any other program Nike has created.

The masterminds behind the Breakthrough Challenge: Nike Master Trainers Brian Nunez, Betina Gozo, Kirsty Godzo, Alex Silver-Fagan, and Patrick Frost.

Strength in numbers

Instead of being led by a single Nike Master Trainer, the Breakthrough Challenge features a team of five, each with a specific expertise. It’s the most varied program in the app—and every workout builds on the previous one. 

One day might be dedicated to building core strength, the next to yoga for increased mobility. Then that strength and flexibility you’ve been working on may feed into high-intensity training.

“If you’ve never done something—whether it’s yoga or crab walks—you may wonder why you should give it a shot,” says Nike Master Trainer Alex Silver-Fagan. “We’ll show you how these relate to one another—and help you see you’re capable of things you might not have realized.”

The Breakthrough Challenge features 20 workouts in 28 days. You got this!

Go all in

As one Master Trainer leads you through a workout in the Breakthrough Challenge, you’ll see the other trainers in the background sweating right alongside you.

And often they give you options. When foundational-strength specialist Betina Gozo demonstrates a fast-paced routine to build your core, for example, you’ll see fellow trainers Patrick Frost and Brian Nunez showing off alternate moves, in case Betina’s exercises don’t suit you. 

“By doing each other’s exercises, we’re also learning new things—just like everyone doing the program,” says Nunez. “We want to be a superhero team of trainers to get you into the best shape of your life, but we’re also on this journey with you.”

You’re capable of things you might not have realized.

Alex Silver-Fagan, Nike Master Trainer

A jumping-off point

Completing the Breakthrough Challenge has its perks—like being prepared for pretty much whatever it is you want to tackle next in the app. 

“You’ve built a foundation where you can say, OK, I really like these three exercises the most, or these two trainers the most, now I want to continue with what I like,” says Katie Ruoff, director of product for Nike Training Club. 

“Three trainers from the Breakthrough Challenge have programs centered around their areas of expertise that allow you to keep building on what you were exposed to in the Breakthrough Challenge.”

You should also start to notice concrete changes going forward. 

“When you pick a program after that, this second month is when you’ll start to feel stronger physically,” says Nunez. “And then in your third program, month three, you should begin to see physical changes in the shape and tone of your body.”

Nike Training Club’s workouts are designed for home or the gym.

A look ahead

Expect plenty of new content in 2020—not all of it focused on cardio and core. 

“We’re going toward a 360-degree view of your fitness,” Ruoff says. “All year, we’ll be offering more guidance on cleaner eating, sleeping better, and what to do on recovery days.”

    Nike Training Club: Fitness

    Wellness & Workout Programs