Get Your Photos Ready to Print

These Pixelmator Pro tools can help.

Pixelmator Pro

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Before printing your digital photos, you want them to be as sharp and vivid as possible. Pixelmator Pro makes this process a snap. Just follow these steps.

Crop with care

Because the sizes of standard prints, such as 3x5 and 4x6, don’t match the aspect ratio of most digital photos, printing services often crop your images—sometimes inelegantly.

The Constrain option is key to getting the prints you intended.

Avoid this calamity by cropping images yourself using Pixelmator Pro’s presets:

1. Click the Crop button.
2. Under Constrain, choose the aspect ratio of your print.
3. Adjust the crop tool as needed; if the image is crooked, use the Rotate setting to straighten it.
4. Click Apply.

Go big

When you crop too far into an image or enlarge too much, you can end up with a grainy print that lacks detail.

Pixelmator Pro’s ML Super Resolution feature (choose Image > ML Super Resolution) intelligently corrects those low-resolution artifacts using machine learning.

Before (left) and after ML Super Resolution works its magic.

With ML Super Resolution, you can scale an image up to three times its original size and still get a sharp, clear print. (If you’re running a Mac with the Apple M1 chip, the feature is an incredible 15 times faster than before.)

Pro tip: If your photo also has noise—graininess caused by too little light or too much image compression—try applying Pixelmator Pro’s ML Denoise feature. It can remove those artifacts while preserving details and sharpness. Go to Format > Color Adjustments > ML Denoise.

Upload the resulting shot to your photo service to get exactly what you submit.

    Pixelmator Pro

    Pro image editing for everyone