Reconnect With Nature

These apps bring the wonders of the world to you.

Caring for the Earth begins with connecting with the Earth—and that’s something you can do even when you aren’t able to wander into the wild. Here are two ways to explore nature near and far while staying close to home.

Explore your backyard

With daily routines, sometimes you end up missing what’s right in front of you—the grandeur of an old oak on your block, the fragility of a tiger swallowtail butterfly.

Learn about creatures like the beautiful (and fantastically named) crimson dropwing.

The next time you’re out for a walk—or just hanging out in your backyard—take Seek by iNaturalist with you. Using your device’s camera, the app identifies all manner of trees, plants, and animals—and tells you about their lives and histories.

It’s an easy way to reacquaint yourself with the life around you—and discover the wonder that’s always been there.

    Seek by iNaturalist

    Identify plants & animals


Explore the world

The Explorers was created by photographers and videographers with a lofty goal: Create a visual inventory of every plant and animal on Earth.

Looking for far-flung adventure? Catch a ride with The Explorers.

Through gorgeous images from all corners of the globe—the crystal-blue waters of the Marquesas, the rolling dunes of the Kalahari Desert—the app is all about showing off the wonders of the world in the highest resolution possible (stunning 4K HDR for newer iPhone and iPad models).

The developer’s rallying cry is “Know better to protect better.” We couldn’t agree more.

    The Explorers

    The planet in photos & videos