5 Quick Tips for Crossy Road

Crossy Road

Endless Arcade Hopper


Every Crossy Road journey begins with a single step—but don’t stop there! Tap fast to safely bound through traffic, hop across railways, and dodge danger.

Will you make a fatal mistake? Eventually yes. But with these hints, you’ll rack up a record score in the meantime.

1. Center yourself

When possible, stay toward the center of the screen, where evading cars and other obstacles in a hurry will be easier. This is especially key when crossing rivers, as you’ll have more time to move before hitting the edge of the screen.

Try playing in landscape mode for a better view of upcoming logs.

2. Plan ahead

To avoid a costly mistake, take a second to chart a path free of stationary obstacles, like rocks and trees. Aim for lily pads on upcoming streams. And keep an eye on flashing red railroad lights. Train’s coming!

3. Charge through gaps

Traffic ebbs and flows, so be ready to sprint when you spot a big opening. Time it right and you can cross a whole freeway and multiple train tracks in one surge.

Dart through holes in traffic to pile up points.

4. It’s OK to backtrack

Remember you can hop backward. Master the art of backpedaling right before a vehicle hits you. It’ll save your life—and your score.

5. Keep calm and crossy on!

Careless goofs arise when you move too quickly. Flustered by a particularly stressful sequence? Stop for a moment on the grassy median (or tap the pause button) to catch your breath and refocus. There’s no need to rush!

    Crossy Road

    Endless Arcade Hopper