Stand Up to Racism

Apps to engage, support, and stay informed.

Technology can empower people to change the world for the better. Here are apps to help build a future that lives up to the highest ideals of equality and justice.

Learn from history

Coursera offers online classes from universities around the world. Two to start with: the University of Colorado Boulder’s Anti-Racism I, which provides an introduction to race and racism in the United States, or the University of Michigan’s Community Organizing for Social Justice. Search for these courses on the app’s Explore tab.

Dive deep into important aspects of U.S. history in video lecture series from Wondrium, like “America’s Long Struggle Against Slavery” and “A New History of the American South,” taught by top professors.

Although intended for students, Khan Academy’s lessons on the Civil Rights Movement, the Civil War, and the slave economy provide fundamental lessons for all. Find them in the U.S. history course in the app’s Arts and Humanities section.

Rebel Girls is filled with short, podcast-style audio stories about trailblazing women from around the world. Learn about modern-day heroes like D’atra “Dee Dee” Jackson, the national director of Black Youth Project 100, and Rachel Ikemeh, the director of the SW/Niger Delta Forest Project.

Support a cause

5 Calls stays on top of the latest news from Congress, collating information on upcoming bills in one place. Select the cause you support and tap the representative you want to contact—the app will connect you to their office and provide you with a suggested script.

Digest key topics of the day in two minutes or less with A Starting Point, the video-based pathway connecting you to your elected leaders. Read commonly asked questions by elected officials and compare their answers, watch discussions between U.S. lawmakers, and explore behind-the-scenes conversations that demystify civic issues.

Stay informed

Ground News doesn’t just give you the day’s headlines. The app provides a breakdown of any given article’s political bias so you can better understand the news you consume and compare coverage across news outlet.

Catch exclusive live interviews, podcasts, and videos from 200-plus Black-owned publishers and outlets around the globe.

Tune in to news highlights tailored specifically for the Black community, listen to podcasts, and stream entertainment.