Stand Up to Racism

Apps to engage and stay informed.

Technology can empower people to change the world for the better. Here are apps to help build a future that lives up to the highest ideals of equality and justice.

Start a conversation about race

Talking about racial inequality—whether with a friend, coworker, or family member—is often difficult. By providing helpful prompts, Gather can make the process smoother.

    Gather - Conversation Starters

    Let's Talk, Connect, & Bond


Encouraging friends and family with opposing political views to record honest interviews with each other (later archived in the Library of Congress), this oral-history project attempts to bridge the country’s divides.


    Listen. Honor. Share.


Support the cause

5 Calls stays on top of the latest news from Congress, collating information on upcoming bills in one place. Select the cause you support and tap the representative you want to contact—the app will directly connect you to their office and provide you with a suggested script.

    5 Calls: Contact Your Congress

    The latest actions in politics


Learn from history

Coursera offers online classes from universities around the world. Two to start with: the University of Colorado Boulder’s Anti-Racism I, an introduction to race and racism in the United States, and the University of Michigan’s Community Organizing for Social Justice. Search for these courses on the app’s Explore tab.

    Coursera: Learn new skills

    100% online courses


Dive deep into important aspects of U.S. history in video lecture series like “America’s Long Struggle Against Slavery” and “A New History of the American South,” taught by top professors.

    Wondrium - Learning & Courses

    Educational Videos & Content


Although intended for students, Khan Academy’s lessons on the civil rights movement, the Civil War, and the slave economy provide an important foundation for all. Find them in the U.S. history course in the app’s Arts and Humanities section.

    Khan Academy

    You can learn anything


The five-part PBS documentary series Asian Americans explores the ongoing role Asian Americans have played in shaping the nation’s story. Watch and learn through individual accounts and personal histories spanning more than 150 years of immigration, racial politics, and cultural innovation.

    PBS Video: Watch TV Everywhere

    Stream Shows Live & On Demand


Rebel Girls is filled with short, podcast-style audio stories about trailblazing women from around the world. Listen and learn about modern-day heroes like Japanese tennis champ Naomi Osaka and U.S. vice president Kamala Harris, as well as historical figures like Ana May Wong, the first Asian American silent-film and TV star.

    Rebel Girls

    Inspiring Stories of Women


Stay informed

Drawing from publications like BET, Ebony, Essence, HuffPost, NPR, and The Source, this news aggregator brings you breaking stories and in-depth articles relevant to the Black community.


    News + Culture, Powered by AI


Get hyperlocal news, including municipal and county briefings, breaking headlines for your neighborhood, and emergency alerts.

    NewsBreak: Local News & Alerts

    News Updates, Alerts, & More


NextShark, an Asian-owned and operated news source, has been on the forefront of covering violence and harassment against Asian and Pacific Islander people nationwide.


    Global Asian News