PUBG Mobile’s New Era

The iconic battle royale is getting a total makeover.


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Since its 2018 arrival on the App Store, PUBG Mobile has pushed the limits of on-the-go battle-royale action. Now it’s about to push it even further.

On September 8, PUBG Mobile officially enters its “New Era” with the Version 1.0 update. Featuring a full overhaul of the signature Erangel map and enhanced graphics that bring cleaner textures and flashier effects, Version 1.0 modernizes the blockbuster battle royale. Read on for exclusive details!

Get ready to jump—New Erangel is coming September 8.

A whole new world

The Erangel map has been a PUBG Mobile staple since the beginning. But come September 8, it will feel like a fresh start. Meet New Erangel.

Mylta Power’s towering power plant is more imposing than ever.

From the Sosnovka Military Base to the Mansion, famous locations have been reworked, including an entirely new layout for Mylta Power and seven new warehouses in Georgopol.

Take a spin through a few familiar zones and you’ll find New Erangel to be a denser and more tactically charged map than its forebear. New barricades, trenches, and bombed-out tanks offer extra cover and richer strategic options. And some buildings now contain hidden basements.

Georgopol’s cargo containers are back and loaded with essential gear.

A bold new look

New Erangel is also a showpiece for PUBG Mobile’s enhanced graphics. New smoke, explosions, and particle effects breathe life into the action. Every building and patch of grass sports more realistic textures, character models benefit from new skin shading and animations, and the game’s many waterways sparkle thanks to a revamped environmental lighting system.

What’s in the water? Awesome new reflection effects!

Even the lobby has been reimagined. Swipe through a new menu with a customizable room to showcase your avatar’s coolest look and best gear. Sweet duds!

You never know what you’ll see in the new Version 1.0.

A last chance at victory

Once New Erangel arrives on September 8, the classic Erangel map will disappear. So now’s the perfect time to take aim at a few more Erangel chicken dinners. For a leg up, remember these three key tips:

1. Move it or lose it
Don’t sit still and hope for the best. Always move tactically by hiding behind trees, crawling through bushes, and slinking around corners. You never know when you’ll run into trouble.

2. Keep your ears open
You might not always see an opponent coming, but listen closely and you may hear them rustling through the underbrush, or—if they’re bold—zipping across the plains on a noisy motorcycle. Got headphones? Use them!

3. Stay patient
While it may be tempting to hop into a nearby vehicle and tear across terrain looking for action, that’s usually a one-way ticket out of the match. The more methodical your tactics, the better your chances of survival.