5 Fun Snapchat Games


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There’s more to Snapchat than face filters and disappearing messages. It’s also a place to play fun mini-games that put you and your friends—in Bitmoji form—at the center of the action.

Before you dive in, make sure you’ve set up your Bitmoji (otherwise your in-game avatar will look really creepy). To do this, tap your Profile icon at the top of any screen, then tap the gear icon and select Bitmoji.

Here are five great games to start with—just search for them by name!

Bitmoji Party

Snapchat’s debut game (and still one of the most popular), this collection of mini-games has you and your friends dodging a giant spinning boot, balancing on a stack of vinyl records, and escaping a swarm of Bitmoji zombies. Be ready for fancy food fights too!

Ready Chef Go!

How many cooks in the kitchen is too many? Find out in this collaborative cooking game, where you’ll prep and dish out meals to demanding customers in a frantic race against the clock.

Bitmoji Paint

Make art collaboratively in this fascinating project. On an endless canvas shared with other Bitmoji avatars, you’ll paint pixels to contribute to a massive picture created by Snapchat users around the world.


In Hole.io, you don’t simply knock opponents into a hole—you are the hole! Grow bigger as you move around city streets swallowing street lamps, trees, cars, buildings...and eventually other players.

Trivia Party

Flex your trivia smarts in categories like movies, music, sports, history, and science. Winning rounds earns XP to unlock new topics and higher difficulty levels. Think you can stump others? Submit your own question and it just might turn up in the game!


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