Meet the Beasts of Jurassic World Alive

A field guide to the dinos near you.

Whos that rampaging reptile with the big sharp teeth? Jurassic World Alive has 100 stealthy, creepy, snappy dinosaurs—and a couple of cute ones—for you to meet, with more on the way.

Most lived on Earth for millions of years; some are hybrids created as part of the narrative in the feature films. Here are five we thought you’d like to know more about, whether your playtime includes collecting their DNA, putting them in the world with AR, or clashing in dino-on-dino battles.

T. rex (Tyrannosaurus rex)

Weight/height: 8,518 pounds / 9.9 feet

Name means: King tyrant lizard

Bio: Believed to be highly aggressive but only of moderate intelligence (sigh), this iconic carnivore lived in the Late Cretaceous period, 66 million to 68 million years ago. Rex eats at least 308 pounds of meat every day (watch out, Triceratops!). Bone-crushing bite strength—more than 10 times that of an adult alligator—helps with that.

Best in battle when: You need an aggressor with high health points (HP). These help the T. rex survive attacks from major enemies while dishing out big damage in armor-piercing rampages.


Weight/height: 200 pounds / 2.6 feet

Name means: River styx demon

Bio: Despite its devilish name and space-alien looks, Stygimoloch is an herbivore that dines on ferns and low-lying soft plants. Spikes on the back of its head fend off predators.

Best in battle when: You need to be the first to do damage. This speedy dino gets right in there and charges.


Weight: 22,000 pounds / 6.5 feet

Name means: Three-horned face

Bio: An aggressive dino (particularly for a herbivore), Triceratops has a might that makes up for it being a little soft in the synapses. A fixture of the Late Cretaceous, this sharp-toothed, hard-bodied beast often has visible lesions on the sides of its frills from locking horns with others.

Best in battle when: You want to stun or thrash your opponent with a velocity strike.


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