Start Your Script

Whether you’re writing your first script or your biggest blockbuster yet—and be it a movie, TV show, stage play, or comic book—these apps can help make the process more fun, collaborative, and creative.

Find your inspiration

If you’re stuck with a bit of writer’s block, dive into Brainsparker. This app features a deck of more than 250 cards that use trigger words, quotes, images, actions, and questions to help lead you to new ideas.

    Brainsparker Creativity Cards

    activate your imagination


Write like a pro (even if you’re an amateur)

The mobile version of a widely used entertainment-industry scriptwriting app, Final Draft Mobile syncs seamlessly with its desktop counterpart, letting you work across iPhone, iPad, or Mac to capture inspiration whenever it strikes.

Still learning how to format scripts? Try the intuitive WriterDuet. It lets you collaborate with cowriters in real time, and its smart line types feature helps you format quickly as you write, moving characters, scenes, and action. In the process, the app even gathers stats to compile a report on what percentage of your writing is devoted to specific scenes, locations, and characters.

    Final Draft Mobile

    It all starts with a script



    Real-time screenwriting


Chat your way to Hollywood

Dialogue offers a radically different approach to composing scripts, letting you create each scene as a text chat—yes, you write character dialogue and location and action details with drag-and-drop bubbles, as if you're texting a friend.

When you’re happy with a chunk of script, you can easily convert it into a PDF or fountain script format to share your work in industry-standard ways.

    Popped : Write & Read

    Write the same way you chat.


Read 'em and weep (or laugh or cringe)

Weekend Read is for script reading—whether you wrote them or not. The app's For Your Consideration section is updated every weekend with screenplays and books to read from Project Gutenberg, the John August Library, and Hollywood writers. There's also a wonderful dark mode and features like character highlighting, page jumping, and search that make it easy to move quickly through a script.

Heads up: The amount of Hollywood screenplays to read in Weekend Read picks up during awards season. You can also import scripts from the web, your email, or cloud storage services like Dropbox and iCloud.

    Weekend Read