This Week’s Biggest Games Updates

Our favorite games just keep getting better—introducing new heroes, extra modes, and awesome limited-time events. Here are some of this week’s coolest additions.

Floor it

CSR Racing 2 caps off its Hobbs & Shaw movie crossover with two events running through October 7. Unlock a Dodge Charger RT in an exhilarating prologue, then join a 90-race ladder event to acquire the legendary Toyota Supra Aerotop and drive it in a Prize Cup race.

    CSR Racing 2 - #1 Racing Games

    2019’s Real Drag Racing Game!


Surf the city

There’s a new stop in Subway Surfers’ popular World Tour: Singapore! While dashing through jungle markets and a rain-forest subway, you’ll collect orchids for weekly prizes. Keep at it to unlock three returning characters and a slick Lion board.

    Subway Surfers

    Join the endless running fun!


Party on

Nintendo is celebrating Dragalia Lost’s first anniversary in a big way. Through October 6, you can perform 10 free summons each day—plus one special summon during the event that’s guaranteed to unlock a five-star Gala Dragalia adventurer. And powerful new boosts raise your party’s damage and hit points during raids.

    Dragalia Lost



Soar higher

Sky: Children of the Light’s Season of Lightseekers campaign brings a new story and uncharted areas to this breathtaking game, as well as extra gifts and rewards for Adventure Pass holders. With new spirits to meet and fun emotes to try, it’s the wind beneath your wings.

    Sky: Children of the Light

    Fly with Friends


Clear the deck

The competition’s heating up in UNO!, thanks to a slick new card (Double Discard All) that clears two colors from your hand. And when you’re feeling generous, use the new Gifts menu to send other players goodies.


    The World’s #1 Card Game


Match better

Move over, Sonic: Four ChuChu Rocket! characters are coming to Sega Heroes, starting with Chuih (Blue). This space mouse can rush the enemy with a single ChuChu or deploy a herd of the critters to elevate teammates’ morale.

    SEGA Heroes: Match 3 RPG Game

    Team up & Battle Sonic & Crew


Prep perfectly

Hungry for a new restaurant in Cooking Fever? High-level players will have a blast serving customers silky tofu, tender eggplant, hot noodle soup, and other tasty dishes from behind the counter of Dragon Wok.

    Cooking Fever

    Addictive Time-Management Game