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Grab adalah layanan transportasi #1 di Asia, layanan antar makanan, dan pembayaran tanpa tunai dalam satu aplikasi. Rasakan kemudahan bepergian, kemudahan menikmati makanan favoritmu, dan bayar tanpa tunai yang aman. Apa pun kebutuhanmu, Grab selalu ada untukmu.

Pilih perjalanan berdasarkan budgetmu
+GrabCar: Perjalanan nyaman dan terjangkau dengan tarif pasti untuk 1-4 orang.
+GrabCar Plus: Jalan dengan pengemudi 5 bintang.
+GrabBike: Layanan perjalanan dengan motor; Pilihan terbaik taklukkan kemacetan dengan cepat & aman.
+GrabCar 6: Jalan bersama teman dengan nyaman hingga 6 orang.
+GrabGerak: Layanan lebih untuk mereka yang berusia lanjut atau mereka yang menyandang disabilitas.
+GrabHitch: Nebeng & jalan; Jadwalkan perjalanan dan nikmati tebengan dengan setengah harga normal.
+Rent: Sewa GrabCar dengan pengemudi khusus untukmu dengan hitungan per jam.
+GrabTaxi: Kemudahan pesan taksi dengan banyak pilihan.

Pesan makanan favoritmu, kami yang antar
+GrabFood: Nikmati beragam pilihan restoran dengan makanan lokal favorit, makanan cepat saji, pizza, dan banyak lagi. Diantar langsung untukmu.

Belanja di Grab, kami yang antar
+GrabFresh: Kami yang akan pilih & antar belanjaan dengan kualitas terbaik untukmu dalam satu jam atau waktu yang kamu inginkan. Pilih beragam supermarket favoritmu mulai dari Ranch Market, Farmers Market, Foodhall, Lotte Mart, Carrefour, Super Indo, Grand Lucky, Papaya, Loka, dan Red & White.

Kirim barang dengan pasti
+GrabExpress: Jasa pengiriman barang yang terjangkau, cepat, dan dapat diandalkan dengan asuransi untuk barangmu.

Pembayaran tanpa tunai yang mudah & praktis
+OVO: Dompet non-tunai aman yang didukung oleh OVO untuk pembayaran semua layanan di Grab,

Dapatkan Rewards dengan memakai layanan Grab
+GrabRewards: Pakai Grab, dapatkan poin & tukar dengan penawaran menarik di katalog GrabRewards.

Sewa e-scooter
+GrabWheels: Cara baru yang seru & ramah lingkungan untuk bepergian. Coba sekarang!

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Versi v5.117.0

Banyak orang gak bisa hidup tanpa kopi. Itu sebabnya, GrabFood punya lusinan kopi menunggu. Mau Americano, Cold Brew, atau Macchiato - semuanya ada sesuai selera kamu. Apalagi buat merayakan Hari Kopi Internasional tahun ini.

Update aplikasi Grab-mu ke 5.117 sekarang.

Penilaian dan Ulasan

4.2 dari 5
274 Penilaian

274 Penilaian

Vyl Dex ,

Necessary updates for 5 Stars ⭐️

•Honestly I am really impressed by this app with multiple tasks in it.

•I love to take grab taxi instead of random one for its security and service.

• Yet some locations especially my home can’t be pin-pointed to show exactly where I am and this often leads me to more talking with taxi driver.
Sometimes this is annoying cuz he waits for me at somewhere I have to walk far from my home to save my own time.

• I’d be more excited to see the live movement of taxi with much less delay on the map in the app.

• I’d be very happy to order Grab food if the app includes more restaurants and better results for the food/ restaurant search. Yes I still enjoy this app.

Thank you

Respons Pengembang ,

Thank you for your feedback and for letting us know. We will relay this to the relevant team and work on improving our app.

Truthful Statements ,

Long time, loyal user, recently uninstalled

I’ve been using Grab for 4+ years and have passed a lot of money through their ecosystem, however I’ve decided on principle that I can’t support this company any longer as their customer service is absolutely terrible. As of late I’ve had a few orders in a row that were wrong, whether they were the restaurant or the drivers fault depends on the different orders, however after writing detailed explanations including photos, Grab support didn’t even bother getting back to me at all, let alone compensating me for my lost money and time. On top of what I’ve heard from the drivers (here in Southeast Asia a few years ago there was competition between Uber and Grab, and Uber took much better care of the drivers). Clearly this company does not have the customers nor the employees best interest in mind, they’re just out to take your money and get away with compensating you as little as possible. Look elsewhere. There’s lots of competitors who are hungry to satisfy their customers should there be any issues.

Respons Pengembang ,

We are sorry about your unfortunate experience. Please reach out via the in-app help centre or our social media platforms so that we can help you out with this. Thank you!

JustYourAverageHugeNarutoFan ,

You are useless

To the dearest company of Grab, please forgive me for what I am about to comment upon this app as it might hurt your boo boos to the extreme. When the new pandemic happened, I haven’t been using Grab since March till now. I thought of using it for when the time comes to reuse the application again, but your rotten crusty skin like beings have to deduct my Grabpoints solely because I haven’t been using my Grab app at all??!!? This is unfair for us Grab users! I would love to save up my points for something later in the coming months and in hopes that nothing can go wrong, but you exist you greedy gold digging pigs. Restore back my points or there will be consequences in the future. May God bless you and I hope you never rise from the ashes of your grave.

Respons Pengembang ,

Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry that we did not meet your expectations. As of 1 July 2019, we have introduced Activity-Based Points Expiry (ABPE), a new program to help extend the life of your GrabRewards points. This means that as long as you make 1 Grab transaction within the next 6 months of your last transaction, your points will continue to accumulate. If you would like us to take a closer look at this, do drop us a message via the Help Centre or our social media platforms. Thank you.


640.2 MB

Memerlukan iOS 10.0 atau versi lebih baru. Kompatibel dengan iPhone, iPad, dan iPod touch.


Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Inggris, Khmer, Myanmar, Thai, Tionghoa Sederhana, Vietnam

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App ini mungkin menggunakan lokasi Anda meskipun saat tidak digunakan, dan hal ini dapat mengurangi daya baterai perangkat.
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