Matching paint color by eye is subjective. Job quality is not. That’s why you need the Datacolor ColorReader. It matches paint color with 95% accuracy. All at the push of a button. All in the brand of your choice. The ColorReader analyzes the color of a wall or object and matches it in less than a second to the closest paint color. For those who need to know paint color to do their jobs. No more matching by eye and searching through fan decks or color cards.

Paint confidently. Design confidently. DIY confidently. Be confident with color.
Highest Accuracy Across Popular Paint Brands
• Industry leading matching with >95% success rate
• Matches color to any uploaded fan deck
Easy to use
One-click analysis
OLED display for standalone device use (ColorReaderPro only)
Expanded capabilities through the mobile app:
• Build, save and share color palettes
• Color matching history
• Color scheme recommendations for harmonious color flow Get paint brand color name and number and additional color values including RGB, CMYK, Hex, LRV, LcH, CIELab, Delta E,
• QC functionality
Backed by the Leading Precision Color Company
For more than 45 years, Datacolor’s passion for precision color has helped us meet the exacting needs of more than a million customers whose entire job depends on the accuracy of their colors.

What People Are Saying about ColorReader?
“This device is incredibly easy to use - and it’s dependable.”
John Metz - Haddon Painting

“I love it. It cut one hour of time off my desk.”
Debbie Deutsh – Interiors by Cornerstone

“In this industry, time is money. If I can’t get the exact color they want, I’m losing time and material costs. “
Jon Ipock – ProTastic Painting

“I have not stopped using it in matching colors to fabric and wall covering. It has saved me so much time in trying to match with paint chips.”
Vincent Wolf – Vincent Wolf Associates, Inc.

“There are many contenders in this field, but this in my opinion is the only one that provides the best balance between accuracy, ease-of-use and price. Whatever color you read with your ColorReader will be matched against those fan decks and the best matching returned. This is a much better alternative to purchasing multiple paint samples and trying them out, and is in my opinion the best bang for the buck.”
Amazon Customer

“Bought this (the lower cost one) because it seemed there had to be a better way than trying to match paint swatches to what is on the walls now. Setup was straight forward, and the app is fairly easy to use to take readings. The device accurately identified a swatch that I had, and it was straight forward to take multiple readings of the long ago painted walls in our old house.“
Amazon Customer


Version 3.0

Registration enhancements, Updated navigation, Color collection update notifications/badges, Additional color data including LRV and LcH values, Search field for color collections, More color data for measured samples and additional languages. For ColorReaderPRO device only- Trending Colors and more color data for QC function.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

3.5 von 5
4 Bewertungen

4 Bewertungen

Ulli01 ,

Wichtige Funktion fehlt

Die App, und das Gerät, sind nette „Spielereien“ die man nicht zwingend braucht, die aber grundsätzlich gut, und Wiederholgenau, ihre Arbeit verrichten, und daher durchaus eine Zeitersparnis darstellen können!

Leider fehlt aber eine wesentliche Funktion!
Es gibt keine Möglichkeit aus der App heraus das Messergebnis zu versenden!
Es wäre sinnvoll, wenn man das Ergebnis, um ein paar Angaben z.B. zum Kunden, der Baustelle etc. ergänzt, an seinen Lieferanten, Maler, den Kunden oder wem auch immer, per Mail senden könnte!
Derzeit muss man auf einen Screenshot zurück greifen, und das macht keinen professionellen Eindruck...


11.3 MB

Erfordert iOS 8.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.



Kennzeichnung: 4+
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  • Familienfreigabe

    Wenn die Familienfreigabe aktiviert ist, können bis zu sechs Familienmitglieder diese App verwenden.

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