Heart Rate Variability (HRV) with an emphasis on accuracy, professional quality, and ease of use. Track recovery and true stress levels. Boost resilience and your nervous system with guided breathing and live HRV biofeedback.

CorSense HRV sensor recommended:

HRV-capable sensor required. For a list, please see

Integrates with Apple Health (HealthKit), Training Peaks, Heads Up Health, Final Surge, Strava, and Sport Tracks.

Whether training for a competition, preparing to nail a big presentation, or just trying to be healthier and perform better, Elite HRV is the simplest and most accurate way to measure your progress.

Elite HRV gives you:
+ Daily readiness to perform
+ Autonomic Nervous System balance gauge
+ Guided breathing / HRV Training
+ Live visual HRV and HR biofeedback
+ HRV Team Coaching Platform (for gyms, sports teams, health practices and personal training)

Important Elite HRV features:
+ HRV readings take as little as 60 seconds
+ Automated signal cleaning and artifact removal
+ Population data from the largest HRV database
+ Exportable data
+ Secure backup
+ Accuracy constantly tested by coaches, doctors, athletes and more

The Autonomic Nervous System is deeply connected to your body's physical, mental and emotional stress and recovery levels. In just 2 minutes per day, you gain a deeper understanding of the state of your body's recovery and ability to handle more stress (physical, mental, emotional, etc.).

Find out if you are parasympathetic dominant or sympathetic dominant - are you constantly in fight or flight (stress) mode?

Elite HRV's live biofeedback includes:
+ Live HRV visual display
+ Audio breathing guides
+ Visual breathing guides
+ Change breathing speed to match stress levels
+ Master stress and autonomic balance

HRV Readings can quickly be tagged with contextual data for more useful trending. Create your own custom tags or choose from many types of tags:
+ Exercise and RPE
+ Sleep tracking
+ Mood
+ Blood glucose
+ Bodyweight
+ Energy and soreness ratings
+ Custom user-defined tags
+ and more!

Using tags you can track heart rate recovery (HRR), post-exercise cooldown, the effects of alcohol or just about anything you can imagine. Our platform is designed to be flexible and customizable to suit your needs.

Elite HRV for Teams is live!

Automatically sync your daily readiness and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) scores to your coach, doctor, trainer or group leader. Teams, groups and gyms can analyze all of their members seamlessly as often as they like.

Take control of your stress and recovery today with Elite HRV.

**ELITE HRV REQUIRES A COMPATIBLE HRV-CAPABLE SENSOR. For a list of compatible sensors, please see


Version 5.0.11

This release is short and sweet: just a couple of bug fixes to make life easier.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4.4 von 5
306 Bewertungen

306 Bewertungen

DavidDeAngelo ,

Gute App

Sehr übersichtlich, gut bedienbar und mit sinnvollen Auswertungsfunktionen. Ich nutze sie seit über einem Jahr fast täglich und steuere Training und Regeneration damit.

Einziger Wermutstropfen ist die zwar angekündigte, aber immer noch fehlende iPhone X Unterstützung.

Max Wolff 87 ,

Funktioniert zuverlässig jeden Morgen

Die App mach das, was sie soll. Ich verstehe die schlechten Bewertungen nicht.
Nach einem App Update muss man sich neu einloggen aber das wars und das macht ja auch Sinn.
Die Funktion ist mit verschiedenen IPhones und Brustgurten stets einwandfrei.

Luckyveit ,

Benutze ich täglich

Für mich ein guter Anzeiger für meine jeweilige Befindlichkeit. Ich entscheide dann immer, ob ich mich beim Sport zurückhalten muss, zum Beispiel bei beginnenden Erkältungen. Die Übersichtlichkeit und Funktionalität sind gut.


68.5 MB

Erfordert iOS 10.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.



  1. Premium Integrations 5,49 €
  2. Dark mode theme 1,09 €


  • Familienfreigabe

    Wenn die Familienfreigabe aktiviert ist, können bis zu sechs Familienmitglieder diese App verwenden.

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