Get your finances into shape

Keep track of your cash, spend less and save more with these apps.

It’s never a bad time to give your money habits an overhaul. Whether you spent everything you earned last year or managed to save every month, these apps will help you to get the most from your money.

Revamping banking

New app-first banks are making it even easier to manage your money. With instant overviews of your daily spending and all outgoings broken down by merchant, you’ll know exactly where your money is going.
Try: Starling Bank. A simple homepage showing your balance, an easy way to settle up with friends – just by sending them a link – and compatibility with Apple Pay make this banking app one of the best.
Or: Monzo. You’ll love the highlighter-orange card (that you can lock temporarily from within the app) and the instant notifications of what you’ve just spent. No more trawling through credit card statements to double check your transactions.

Set savings goals and keep track of your spending with Starling Bank.

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Travelling transactions

For anyone who regularly travels or often needs to spend in another currency, there are now apps specifically targeted at making this easier, keeping track of your spending abroad and saving you the currency exchange fees.
Try: Revolut. You’ll get a card on which you can spend in more than 130 currencies with no fees, an easy way to see your transactions by country and free international money transfers.
Or: Monese. This app allows you to open a European and a UK bank account concurrently, without a local address – ideal if you’re a Brit living abroad or an expat living in the UK.


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    Monese: A Banking Alternative

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Millennial money

Aimed squarely at the younger generation and students, these apps make it much easier to split bills with friends, pay without cash and keep track of your budgets.
Try: Lydia. You can pretty much say goodbye to cash altogether with Lydia. It gives you one card that links to all your other cards and allows you to pay friends or small merchants by sending texts or creating a QR code.
Or: Loot. This functions just like a current account with a spending card, but allows you to set up daily and weekly budgets so you can always see if you’re going over your spending limit.

See if you’re sticking to your daily budget with Loot.


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Budgeting better

If you have several different accounts then you’ll know how difficult it is to keep on top of all your various transactions. These apps allow you to combine all your accounts into one view to give you an easy overview of your money.
Try: Yolt. Sync up all your accounts and credit cards in one place and the app will show you upcoming debits to any of your accounts, as well as categorise your spending across all accounts.
Or: Curve. Get one card and use it to spend from all your Visa and MasterCard debit and credit accounts. You can even use your Curve cards at cashpoints.

    Yolt – Money & Budget Manager

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Sorting savings

Have you always tried to save or invest, but never seem to have any cash left at the end of the month? These apps put money away for you automatically.
Try: Moneybox. This app rounds up your purchases to the nearest pound every time you spend on your chosen card and invests the difference for you in a stocks and shares ISA. Remember that any investment in stocks and shares can go up and down in value.
Or: Chip. If you’re a bit more risk averse, Chip analyses your spending habits, works out how much you can afford to put away and regularly transfers small amounts of money into a savings account for you.

Let Moneybox invest your spare change for you.

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